Month: February 2004


I got paid today, the 24th, so life is beautiful. Otherwise, the day is proving to be yet another mundane day at work. We have applied for a phone/internet line and were promised that we would be connected within the coming two days. As things here take forever to materialize, we are waiting and hoping.

The Barber of Seville

Yes, the opera is coming to Doha. Jeff got the tickets last night. It’s this Thursday at the Sheraton Hotel and I can’t wait. I’m glad cultural events are making their way here. It is not as bad we thought, actually this place keeps getting better!


There was an earthquake in Jordan this morning. I heard the news from my Jordanian colleagues as soon as I got to the office at 2:00 pm. I called my folks to check on them and they told me the funniest story. Tania and Mom were in the house when it happened. They both felt …

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