Exit visa

I got my exit visa today, so it looks like we are all set for the trip. For those unfamiliar with the exit visa, it is basically a permit that allows you to leave the country.

See, as a resident here, your exodus must be approved by your “sponsor,” which is usually your employer. If your sponsor — for whatever reason — doesn’t approve you leaving the country, then you are doomed to stay here forever.

Although I understand that it is a way to control the flow of expatriates coming and going here, I still find the idea of taking a permit to leave a bit hard to swallow!

1 thought on “Exit visa”

  1. The whole idea of sponsors and exit visas was a turn off for me when I thought of maybe sending out my cv to certain gulf countries.
    It’s not the main reason I never did give it a try, but it sure was one of those little things that might have helped tip the scale against it.

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