A night in Jerash

Yesterday Tania got us free tickets for a soprano and clarinet concert taking place in Jerash as part of the annual cultural festival there. So we, accompanied by mom and her friend Ra’da, drove to Jerash, about one hour north of Amman, to enjoy the festivities and the music.

The concert was a combined French-Jordanian effort with Jordanian musicians Dima and Nadim Bawwab accompanied by musicians from Toulouse, France presenting a unique evening of clarinet and soprano coloratura performance.

I was particularly impressed with Dima, the young soprano. Her voice is really something else. I can tell she is really working on it, as each year I notice an improvement. This young woman has a bright future ahead of her! I can really see that. She has both a strong voice and strong passion about her music — a perfect combination.

Her younger brother Nadim was really impressive as well. His performance on clarinet (in far right and middle below) was top-notch. It was also touching to see Nadim and Dima’s dad acting as maestro and announcer, as he worked to ensure everything went properly.

Their dad, a musician as well, is the primary person behind last night’s event. His constant support and encouragement of his kids is certainly one of the main reasons they have excelled in such a way! Kudos for his efforts!

2 thoughts on “A night in Jerash”

  1. Just read your last 3 postings and links. I hadn’t seen them and they’re fine. Looks like the clarinetist played Mozart Clar.Concerto, perhaps he played a Schubert piece for soprano & clarinet, too (Shepard on the Rock or some such!)?
    Jerash brings back such good memories of our visit there. It would be wonderful to hear music in those surroundings.
    The photos of London journalism classmates were nice, especially the group photo at the end. Such a wonderfully diverse group! Hope they have great careers, along with you.
    The views of Amman from the new theatre were excellent, too. You write about these experiences in a relaxed, enjoyable way.
    Thanks for keeping in touch this way and the emails, too. love, Dad & Mom

  2. Wow, you are absolutely right. They played Mozart’s clarinet quintet in A, KV 581 and Schubert’s the Shepherd on the rocks. They also played a piece by Mendelssohn and Crussell among others.

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