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There is a brand new newspaper in town. It is called Al Ghad. It is an independant daily and nearly full color! I scanned through it quickly this afternoon and I must admit, I was impressed. The printing quality is very good and the colored pages give it a distinctive mark, as full color dailies are not that common here.

The issues that Al Ghad covered ranged from local to international, as would be expected. Some of the headlines that caught my eyes were: “An Israeli musical band infiltrates Jerash festival” “Youth speak out about abuse in rehabilitation centers” “No Iraqi visa for passports with Israeli stamps.” Some of these topics are considered risqué by major newspapers here and would not have been covered.

Something else that caught my eye was that Hajjaj, Jordan’s most popular cartoonist, is now working for the paper. This guy has moved between most every daily in the Kingdom. Now it seems he finally found a place to settle down. I’m sure his contribution to Al Ghad will play a major role in its circulation.

All, in all, I’m impressed by this ambitious project and I hope that Al Ghad will keep up its journalistic standards and not get sucked up by the aura of unprofessional and lame journalism found here.

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  1. Dear Natasha Tynes,
    Hi, again I was reading in your site and I was ammazed to see that you read the first issue of al-ghad jordanian newspaper where it says that an isreali group had participated in jerash festival. I,as the general director of jerash festival, wants to tell you that there was no isreali group in the festival,that piece of news was wrong and there was a big talk about it in town then . It turned out that the journalist who wrote it didnt get the right picture and wanted to have a scoop. again I send you my greetings and wish you the best.
    jeryes samawi
    general director
    jerash festival-amman

  2. Dear Mr Samawi,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my site. I guess when it comes to professional journalism in Jordan, we have a long way to go.

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  4. Al Ghad’s sponsorship of this workshop goes in line with Al Ghad’s slogan ‘the right to know’ and re-iterates Al Ghad’s devotion to supporting initiatives that spread knowledge and information as a useful resource for self- development.’ stated Mr. Omar Kafarneh, Al Ghad’s Marketing Manager. There is a brand new newspaper in town. It is called Al Ghad. It is an
    independant daily and nearly full color!

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