Becoming domestic

Last night I made dinner — something that I don’t usually do because I lack the necessary skills. What prompted this behavior was my current desire to be a more domestic couple and the visit of my friend Amal last night.

I made Tuna-Macaroni Casserole following a Betty Crocker recipe that, surprisingly, turned out to be edible! Actually, it was edible enough that I saved some for tonight’s dinner.

Who said miracles don’t happen!

On a different note, my good friend Dalia gave birth to a baby boy: Sanad. I called here last night and she was over the moon with happiness! For some reason, I haven’t gotten the pictures she said she sent of him, but I’m sure he is a handsome boy.

5 thoughts on “Becoming domestic”

  1. I am very sure this is the wrong place to contact someone 🙂 I tried to email you at wanadoo I got an error, so I sent at hotmail.. I enjoy your blog, and your writings since the days of and “The Star”. I added your blog to .. I hope you don’t mind.

  2. Congratulations on your dinner success 🙂 You know, it’s not a miracle, you may think you lack skills, but fact is, cooking is all about creativity and knowing what you wish to taste. Cooking is art, no limits, so enjoy yourself and you’ll be just fine 🙂 Good luck. And yes, I’m so happy for Dalia. MMM saw the pics, I didn’t, waiting to go home to check them out. He says he’s handsome 🙂

  3. Well the wife is far too modest. She’s been working on the cooking thing for some time. When we first arrived in Doha, though, we were stuck in a hotel room for three months — no stove. After our return from our far too short vacation, she got right to work on recipes courtesy of sister Brigitte.

    Fact is, it hadn’t been a priority for her before I came around. She’d had Zizo (mom) to fill her belly and Ziz does a pretty fine job at that. Tash has a fantastic sense of taste but put that to use more for restaurant critiques (and the occasional mom critique). Eman is right too, cooking is a bit artistry. Natasha was born with the right tools — a sophisticated palette and a love of good food.

    Now she’s got a husband and a desire to make him food and to make him happy. And the fact is, she’s great at anything she puts her mind to; this will be no exception.

    With a notebook filled with recipes and tips from mother and sister from this last visit she is ready. Yes, I’m the guinea pig but I’ve got no objections. The wife is shaping up to be a fine cook. I’ve no doubt that she will soon be fantastic 🙂 🙂 and I the envy of all.

  4. I also have no doubt you’ll do fine with cooking, glad to see you willing to give it a trial. Mom T loves to cook and now that she’s retired, she’s doing more of it and she’s always great at it. She’s especially good at making do with what’s in the refrigerator when I’ve not been to the grocery!

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