Month: September 2004

In the Cut

If you are planning to watch In the Cut anytime soon, don’t. The movie is horrible, horrible, horrible. I don’t know how people can get away with making such crap. The story was disjointed, the plot was mediocre and the characters were out of place. What is this? Really??! I give it 4/10. I think …

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Al Rai’s new website

Good news for those who read the Jordanian press: Al Rai newspaper has launched a new website. It is actually pretty impressive compared with the horrible one they had previously. The site is fast, easy to surf and user-friendly. If you can read Arabic, take a look.

Surviving Doha

We had a very pleasant evening yesterday with Amal. It started with a nice dinner at an Italian place at the Intercontinental Hotel called Za Moda, followed by cappuccino at Najjar, a new Lebanese coffee shop here. The atmosphere at both these places was lovely and somehow felt very normal, as if we were not …

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The Ladykillers

I really enjoyed watching The LadyKillers last night. It was very amusing to see Tom Hanks playing the bad guy for a change. To me, Hanks has always been the sympathetic, naïve Forest Gump kind of guy! This movie though showed a different side of him. I addition to Hanks’ change of persona, the camera …

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Quick update

Yesterday, we spent the evening with Amal. She invited us over to her new place, where we had a great time, chatting and laughing about life in Doha in particular, and the Arab World in general. Her new apartment is very nice and cozy. She definitely worked hard on it. I so loved the couches! …

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