Complex dream

I had a weird dream last night. It was so out-of-place that I decided to share it here, hoping someone out there might help me interpret it.

In the dream, I was sleeping in our bed here in Doha when I was awoken in the middle of the night by Jeff’s voice, speaking to someone. He sounded nervous as he was saying “Who are you,” “How did you get here?” “What do you want?” I opened my eyes to see a young Filipino woman standing by the side of the bed and pointing a gun at us. It seemed very real.

As soon as she realized I was awake, she looked at me and ordered me to guide her to the place where I was “hiding the money”. She kept telling me she knew that I was hiding the money somewhere. So I got out of the bed and walked to the entrance of the room where there was a Christmas stocking hanging on the edge of the wall.

I took out all of the money hidden there and gave it to her. While I was doing that, I looked closely at her face and realized she was the same woman who came to our place to clean it. [We don’t actually have a cleaner. This is only a dream :)]

After seeing the look of shock and betrayal on my face, the woman felt surprisingly sorry for me and decided to give me her gun. “Here,” she said “Take this in case my friends outside decide to attack you … Take it for protection.”

I took the gun and rushed to the TV room and there they were: her accomplices. Her partners in crime were two other young Filipino women standing in the middle of the room with guns pointing at me.

While I was digesting this troubling scene, my parents showed up on our doorstep out of the blue from Amman for a visit. I got tense and decided to act fast. Not wanting to make my parents worry, I approached the menacing women, put my arms around both of them and introduced them to my parents as my “best buddies in Doha,” whom I was just walking out.

After the criminals left the apartment peacefully, my father told me: “Natasha, for some reason they didn’t strike me as people you would choose as your friends.” I had to confess. I told him what happened and then I showed him the gun the woman gave to me. “Look Dad, she even gave me her gun,” I said, then looking closely at the weapon and realizing it was only a toy gun!


Can someone out there explain this complex and extremely vivid dream to me?

By Natasha Tynes

I’m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. mmm.. I am no expert, but my first thought is that you watched some action movie the night before 🙂 another thing, you have a trusting problem against philipino cleaners, and philipino’s in general ..

  2. I don’t have anything against Filipinos, really! Their presence in my dreams can be largely attributed to the fact that there is a huge Filipino community here in Doha.

  3. Haha. Well, I realized that sometimes dreams can be funny and simply meaningless. I guess you have been thinking about the Filipino community lately. And probably you want your parents to visit you, so things got mixed up.
    One really funny dream I had, I was walking out in the street infront of my house, and then I spotted my uncle, and my cousins. Remember Transformers? the Cartoon. Simply they were Transformers, and My uncle transformed into a huge Truck, just like optimus Prime! hehe! Well, I was 7 years old, what do you expect 😉

  4. 🙂 Well besides my largely secondary role in this head-born drama, I must make one observation. Since our arrival in this flat, we’d been sleeping on a bed that was about ten steps less than comfortable, the equivalent of a raised cement floor really. I think it started to affect us both.

    I’m no small fellow, pushing 90kilos and nearly 188 centimeters. My mornings here, especially recently, have been spent stretching and popping Panadol to alleviate a neck that can rotate only five degrees from center. And the worst is just the slow building of tiredness.

    Normally, you might not recognize the bed’s role in all this. But I’ve been down this road before. In Amman, I’d slept for over a year on a mattress of death. I eventually ponied up and split the cost of an amazing bit of spring work with the landlord. My final month’s there were blissful, at least sleep wise.

    Here, I’d just hoped the thing would soften. The most accurate analogy I can make is that our bed is much akin to sleeping on a box spring sans mattress, a really cheap one at that. So I’ve been thinking about “new” mattresses, perhaps dreaming about them even. But our time here is likely limited so it was hard to go down that road.

    Salvation came in the form of an egg crate mattress cover found at our local Home Center. Nothing such existed here before. I did look. It didn’t seem much to Natasha all white and shriveled down in its see-through cellophane but it seems to have had its prescribed effect. We are both sleeping much better than we did without it. On our ride to work this morning, Natasha described the surface as “much more inviting” for sleeping. That’s how a bed is supposed to be after all.

    So while my role in the dream was minimal considering the events that unfolded, I hope my role in creating the dream was perhaps a bit more direct. A good night’s rest is something to which we should all aspire and it all reminds me of a favorite quote: If wishes were horses, dreamers would ride.

  5. Complex dream

    I had a weird dream last night. It was so out-of-place that I decided to share it here, hoping someone out there might help me interpret it. In the dream, I was sleeping in our bed here in Doha when…

  6. Well, it’s certainly vivid! It does appear strongly influenced by fantasy films and the world you’re in now. Since all turned out for the best, just continue to be wary, but I’d just forget about it.

  7. Tasha,
    You ate too many pickles the night before and as a midwife would say “you left your derriere uncovered for the night”. That’s the only metaphysical explanation I could find in Dumb Dreams for Dummies.
    There, hope that makes you feel safer now.
    Your Filipino friend.

  8. It’s a basic anxiety dream composed of the common elements in your waking world. Some people have, “oh I’m naked at school” dreams. You have Filipinos.

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