Happy times

Lana just sent e-mailed me this nice picture, which was taken in Amman last July at Dima’s (Lana’s sister) wedding. I love it. We all look quite good and very happy! Ah, the wonderful days of Amman.

Big smiles at Dima's nuptials

4 thoughts on “Happy times”

  1. I know for us it may be just a nice pic of nice people, but I’m sure that it carries so many warm feelings and dear moments to all of you in it.
    Wish your life will be full of Happy Times 🙂

  2. What a wonderful picture. It really captures the moment of a man marrying a wife and gaining all of her friends. The smiles are wonderful.
    Who’s who?

  3. Hi Jim,
    Glad you liked the picture. It is actually a snapshot of me and my long-time best friends from Jordan. I’m the one standing on one of the chairs with the long hair and the pink dress.

    The bride and the groom are not present in this picture and my husband is missing for some reason. We were invited to the wedding through Lana (centre with the green dress) as she is the sister of Dima, the bride of that day.

    As I’m now living in Qatar and somehow isolated from the wonderful social life we had in Amman, this picture means a lot to me. It is a photo of my best friends all gathered in one place, my beloved country Jordan.

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