A letter from Abu Atef

I got this by e-mail and I thought it was hilarious! (thanks Lana).

A few thoughts from Abu Atef

For those who are not familiar with my native language, here is the translation:

A letter from the illiterate Abu Atef in Germany:

How are you woman?

How are the kids and how is your mom?

I’m hearing rumors that you are fooling around

When I come home I’m gonna slaughter you

Abu Atef from Germany

4 thoughts on “A letter from Abu Atef”

  1. A letter from Abu Atef

    I got this by e-mail and I thought it was hilarious! (thanks Lana). For those who are not familiar with my native language, here is the translation: A letter from the illiterate Abu Atef in Germany: How are you woman?…

  2. Abdallah Mohammed Badbess

    To every Sane man on earth.
    We should not go into war or fight coz of afew ignorant people who do not have spare time to know about other people religions, i call these people “Media fanatics”, they believe anything they hear and see.
    And to Muslims we have better things to do than argue and fight coz of those pics, it is an insult to us offcoarse, but justice will still be brought upon him by the king of judges.I dont have to mention him.
    Muslims lets unite to make peace and educate people how peaceful Muslims are.Help the poor Muslims around the world. Our leaders should come with such a strategy.Instead of blaming and hating one another.
    We are all human, we came with a purpose.Peace To the Earth.

  3. Nassim Ahmed Abdalla Salim

    I strongly support the comments posted by Abdallah badbess. And i would encourage all the muslims around the world to be united and and not to let media confuse their heads and fight each other.
    Allah is great and Inshallah we will always find peace among us.
    Shabus uko saudia bado au malaysia ? marheinz2001@yahoo.ca

  4. The world would be more peaceful and a big paradise to everyone if only the politicians stop their greediness for oil in Middle East.I think we all know that this is the main reason of today´s war and also not forgetting the Israel´s stupid mind! I am only on the side of human rights. Who are suffering in the war in Lebabnon and Iraq and Palestines? It is indeed the innocent civilians and especially the kids. The problems some african countries had and still have are worse than the problems Iraq had.But bush thought it will be wise to start a war in Iraq claiming to be helping freeing the iraq people.Why didn´t he offer his help to countries in Africa who were suffering more and leave Iraq in peace? He wanted to destroy Iraq and gain access easily to the oil. So he and his forever best friend blair and the israels decided to invade Iraq claiming that Saddam has newclear weapons hidden. What is the result ? No newclear weapons found. Many kids and innocent people died in the war.Increase of terrorists and upto now Iraq is not a safe place to be. What has the Guantanamo prison and Abu ghurair prison offered? Certainly not freedom that americans are claiming to want to offer the people of iraq. Infact the iraq people are suffering more now and not during saddam´s time. Why would bush claiming to want human rights let the Kurdish decide the fate of saddam , knowing that they hate him ? Surely no right decision will come from the kurdish judge. The people of palestine have suffered alot from the brutal israels´ and upto now they have no freedom. If bush wants to help then he should help the palestines and lebanons. War is not a solution to any problem today. Why kill innocent people and invade a whole country for the mistakes of a few people ? Bad politics is the answer ! Israel has no right to fight in lebanon just because of 2 soldiers. Surely, their mission is to destroy the arab countries and the americans are together with them. Why doesn´t america who cares much abount human rights stop the israels from destroying lebanon and killing innocent people? THE ANSWER IS : Bush knows that in the end iran and syrian will be in this war too or might because of the lebanon sufferings. So he will have the opportunity to immediately send his troops to iran and syria to start other wars. Of course he will claim that iran and syria are fighting to support terrorists, but not to support the innocent lebanons and palestines against the cruel israel war. Lebanon,Syria,Iran and Palestine has to suffer coz of the israels possesive and greedy behaviours.A word from bush to israel to stop, will be followed with much respect immediately by the israels. But that we won´t see now until iran and syria interfere in the war too, with the aim of helping the lebanon people. Where are Human rights ? Surely i don´t see any here. I only see innocent kids bleeding to death and the politicians sleeping relaxed on their water beds , thinking of where to start the next war to obtain oil ! Hamas and Hezbollah were the babies born due to the long and cruel israel invansions in palestine and lebanon lands. Those groups would not have been founded had the israels not invaded palestine and lebanon and totured them.
    Well ,the american citizens are also suffering now from high TAXES and they cannot go anywhere outside america for holiday relaxed and without fear of being terrorist. Infact, it will be wise if the american people demonstrate against these wars and especially against bush wrong decisions.
    Can´t we all live together in peace and harmony ? And without greediness to possess what does not belong to us or making others suffer for nothing? Am wondering how 2 soldiers that have been kidnapped justify israel invasion in lebanon. I guess all was planned before, but all israel needed was a reason. And that reason they have is the most stupid one i have ever read in history. All hezbollah wanted was to exchange the two soldiers for the many lebanons that are in israel prison.
    I guess israels are under much pressure to give palestines their land and freedom. And now they invade lebanon inorder to remove that focus of israel -palestine peace. They want something else that will remove our focus about palestines-israel peace ! And as for bush and blair, they are always supporting each other in terms of wrong also. And now they are together with israels. Why don´t they stop them if they are not one thing ?

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