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This morning right before coming to work I finished Middlesex by Jeffrey Euginedes . Ah, what a treat!

It is the story of a hermaphrodite embarking on a journey of self discovery and the hurdles faced on the way. It is witty, amusing and so beautifully written, showing the work of a truly talented writer.

The book also sheds light on the life of the Greek immigrants who settled in Detroit in the early twentieth century and how they adjusted to their new surroundings.

If you are looking for an engaging book to read, this is the one. It is certainly a phenomenal novel, worthy of winning the Pulitzer Prize

Next on my reading list are a number of books:

So many books, so little time!

6 thoughts on “Reading list”

  1. I’ve read two on your upcoming list. The Five People You Meet in Heaven was quite good, my mom made me read it “Mama, lazem ti’ra had li ktab” (insert your own mother’s voice here). Angels and Deamons was a bit of a let down, it’s well written and enjoyable but not as gripping as the Da Vinci Code, and also the plots mirror each other quite a bit.
    My 2sense.

  2. You already know how I loved “No. 1.”
    Have recently read “Angels” and found it a fun, fast read. I’d call it, a good airplane or beach book.
    What is interesting. is I read “Angels” it after “No.1,” but I don’t recall anything about it. Yet, several scenes leap to mind about “No. 1.”

  3. Actually,Aunt K, it was you who made me wanna read “No1”.
    I was lucky enough to find it in Dubai when we were there two weeks ago. When it comes to books, Doha is a real desert.

  4. Natasha,
    Angels and Demons is a disappointment after Da vinci code, it becomes very predictable ( i need to use the spell check!) i think you should read it after a while, not now. although you can learn quite a bit from it. My idea of physics changed after reading this book.

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