Gmail is too creepy?

Mom and Dad T just sent me a link to a website that lists major problems
with GMail:

  • G mail is nearly immortal
  • Google’s policies do not apply
  • A massive potential for abuse
  • Inappropriate ad matching

Hmmmm, I really don’t what to make of this. Any Gmail defenders out there?

7 thoughts on “Gmail is too creepy?”

  1. I won’t defend anything, but the website doesn’t make much difference for a regular, personal-use user.
    I personally don’t see any harm in Google keeping a directory of all my pointless emails that basically fall along the lines of personal chit-chatting and keeping up with friends.
    Even if they did have some evil motive behind their 1 gig of free space, it wouldn’t make a difference. I already have over a hundred emails saved, and I’m sure many people have more. Yeah, sure, I’m sure they have a heck of a search engine to find something in their users emails, but can you imagine how long that would take?
    Furthermore, if someone is using GMail for important and official emails, I’d consider that Extremely unprofessional and I personally wouldn’t work with a lawyer who is unprofessional anyhow.

  2. Huh. This is truly fascinating. I remember several years ago when the browser add-on came out and I discovered that it had installed a little program that ran in the background. I did some research and found it was data-mining me. I uninstalled the search tool right away and tried to re-install it but found that this newer version always did this. I wrote them to complain and ask for a previous version I’d had on another computer that did not include the data-mining file. They replied “this is the way it is” more or less saying if you don’t like, don’t use it. So I left that search add-on off my browsers for probably a year. I’ve got it now and find that little data-mining file is no longer part of the package, so much the better.
    That event has always left me suspicious of Google. I suppose for those that use/used Hotmail the invasion does not seem that different. But the articles connected to the wife’s post really do raise an eyebrow. I have to say it is one of the more interesting things I’ve run across in a blog in some time (thanks go out to Mom and Dad T).
    I’ve resisted the Gmail because we have our own fairly large, ad-free service. They’ve just not polished up their web interface. Hopefully, they will soon. I, too opened a Gmail account after the wife sent an invite to replace my Hotmail account, a service which has grown rapidly worse in the last few months and was never much used by me anyway (Try Lycos or Yahoo I say).
    Anyway, it is fascinating. Remember, Gmail is watching you and that likely could mean that at some point your government could be as well. Google won’t ever comment on its connections to governments the world over. If that doesn’t bother you, fine.
    But it appears Gmail is going a step or two beyond the access Hotmail provided prying eyes. Google is trolling your email, doing its keyword magic and holding it for what appears to be forever. You may not care now but maybe you will in a few years. As I understand it, email held beyond a certain period becomes open data for all to see after time. That email you write today may be just fine but what about when you forget that Google is watching and write something that might be incriminating.
    It makes me wonder what the future is for the computing world. Obviously, Google will be a major part. It appears targeted adverts are also going to be the little grease that keeps many parts of the Internet free.

  3. Do you think anything is PRIVATE??
    Long before email, my Mom would say to me as I left the house, “Remember don’t do or say anything you would be ashamed to read on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow!”

  4. And one more thing…when your Aunt Betty lived in Singapore, she requested that we make NO remarks regarding the Singapore government, even in jest, in our letters (snail mail to you). Those guys did NOT have a sense of humor.
    The ‘net is even MORE public. Always take care.

  5. You know it is funny, I grew up with the computer and have watched people’s notions of “privacy” evolve. As mentioned above, some are not worried if folks can have a peek at their email notes.
    But still others work constantly to keep what they see as a slippery slope from approaching. I find myself somewhere in between. Technology has brought so much convenience. The price for that has been losing some privacy. 9/11 introduced yet another reason why we have to release more of our personal data. I think I see the slope approaching.
    The curious thing with Gmail is that it capitalizes on most folks familiarity and level of concern with the big mailers: Hotmail, Yahoo, et al. But it goes that step further by clever legalize that in essence says we can do what we want with your email. I liked one mention in the TOS when I signed up that said no “human” would see my mail to generate the targeted ads.
    I think somehow we are supposed to feel better about that but it did spark a thought in my mind of all the many “machine” sci-fi movies and what it could mean to suddenly move into a sphere where we trust the machines with the information, certain they could do no harm.

  6. GMail = Gorgeous Mail
    Plz spy on me,send me spam, spread my emails to the world but keep my 10 Gig (10 GMails) of storage there.
    Did u notice that I am using my hotmail in my comments.

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