Newswire is finally here!

Ok ladies and gentlemen, Newswire is finally on-line and ready for your perusal. There is now a permanent link for it on the sidebar of this blog under the “Special Features” section. Both the husband and I will be posting near-daily (hopefully) a number of news articles we find interesting, unique, or odd. We would really appreciate having you draw our attention to any new items you come across that seem worth highlighting.

The idea of ‘newswire’ came to life after Jeff realized that on a daily basis the two of us recommend to one another a huge assortment of articles from different sources. Why do we do that? Well, we are news junkies and proud to be. Anyway, the husband thought it would be a great idea if we aggregated them in one place and since we already have this domain, then why not?

Your feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism will be highly appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Newswire is finally here!”

  1. Thanks Jameed for recommending this link. I love your name by the way. Would you believe me if I tell you that I have not had Mansaf in a year! Ah, the torture!
    Anyway, welcome to Mental Mayhem Jameed and we’d love to see more of you around here.

  2. A year?! That’s like driving 10,000 miles on you car without changing oil. A constitutional ammendment should be introduced that requires people of Jordanian descent to consume Mansaf at least once every 6 months.

  3. I’m a television producer for ABC in Los Angeles.
    I’m working on story about traditional Christmas feasts. I am interviewing a Mexican family who will demonstrate tamale making and explain why it’s a tradition to eat tamales on Christmas Eve.
    I’m interviewing an Italian family that makes a 7 course fish dinner for Christmas Eve as well. I will be filming them cook in their kitchens and interview them about their feasts.
    I am looking for a Lebanese or Jordanian family that will demonstrate making mansaf. Can anyone think of an outgoing Southern Californian Lebanese/Jordanian family who would like to be a part of my Christmas Eve feast story? Please contact Nicolette at 818/863-7270

  4. Did someone say “Linda” 🙂 Nicolette. I think it might be your time to shine dear Linda. Give her a call 🙂

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