The one and only Grendizer

Ahmad Humeid wrote a fascinating blog entry about his childhood infatuation with the Japanese animated series, Grendizer. I strongly related to his post, as I was one of those Arab children that grew up in the early 80’s passionately following the travails of this legendary flying robot. Take a look.

6 thoughts on “The one and only Grendizer”

  1. I think fascination with Japanese anime isn’t just limited to the early 80’s 🙂 I remember that that was the only thing I would watch as a kid as well, although being all girly-girl and stuff, Grendaizar wasn’t one of my favorites 🙂
    There’s actually an online Arab cartoon store that actually sells old cartoons on DVDs. My friend already bought Adnan O Lina. I don’t remember the URL but if anyone is interested I can ask my friend.

  2. Wow! that brought back good memories. I can still remember the mesmerising effect it used to have on me. Those were good times.
    You’ll find this funny; For a long time I was under the impression Grendizer was a saudi production. And it came as quite a shock when I later found out that it was Japanese. Haha. I should have known better.

  3. ha ha ha!
    I was under the impression that ‘hathee heya al7ayah’ – the cartoon about the human body was a product of Jordanian Television.. Go figure!
    Anyway – God bless piracy…
    Here in Dubai – you can get the complete series on VCD or DVD or VCR.. We’ve already shipped a few copies to cousins in the States in anyone is interested..
    Guess what else?
    Adnan wa Lina – the complete series.
    Nice ah?

  4. Dalia and Roba,
    Don’t hate me for saying this but I never liked Adnan wa Lina. It was too romantic for my infantile taste! On the other hand, I adored Sazuki!
    Welcome to Mental Mayhem. We’d love to see more of you around here.

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