A special day

Today is the hubby’s 35th birthday. We have plans to celebrate this special day at our favorite restaurant here: the Italian Job at the Ramada Hotel. It is a place where you find great food, a wonderful atmosphere and singing waiters!

Happy birthday Hubby. Thirty five is a great age. We’ll have a wonderful year!

It is worth mentioning that Jeff shares his birth date with a great leader for whom I have a special admiration and infinite respect: the late King Hussein of Jordan. November 14 will always be a special day to my heart.

9 thoughts on “A special day”

  1. Well, isn’t that a nice thought! Good for you, Natasha. We’ve sent a couple of notes which y’all appear to have opened, so have a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jeff. Your Mom was expecting you when your Uncle Allan and I got married in June of 1969.
    In September of 1970, we made the trip to visit with your parents. I have this wonderful memory of your Mom holding you while we sat in the shade at Monticello. You were just a few months old, a beautiful, golden child napping in your Mom’s lap.
    And yes, your cousin John, was already on the way. I think we may have a slide somewhere of that moment.
    Aunt K

  3. Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes. The birthday boy is right next to me and he seems content.
    Aunt K,
    That’s a nice story. I still can’t imagine my 6′ 2″ husband as a child napping in his mother’s lap;-)

  4. Just a quick shout out (of thanks) to all those that sent well wishes for my birthday. Being so isolated here in Qatar, it was really nice to have friends, family and the blogging community at-large send such good cheer on my birthday.
    I have to say, despite the “Happy Birthday ‘Jess'” cake, which was absolutely delicious BTW, it was a pretty great b-day. It is the most international birthday I’ve ever had. For all those who said “hey” to me this birthday I send all my best right back at you.
    PS The wife didn’t mention it but I’m now 35. And it’s true what they say: You don’t feel older in terms of mind but you sure do in terms of body 😉

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