Update on the Saudi mobile camera story

For those who read the news item I posted earlier about the Saudi crackdown on mobile phones with a built-in camera, hereis a very amusing update.

Saudi bride roughs up guest for photographing her with camera phone

RIYADH (AFP) – An enraged Saudi bride badly beat up a female wedding guest who had photographed her with a camera-equipped mobile phone, a newspaper reported.

After spotting the woman taking the picture in the all-female section of the party in the western city of Taif, the bride "beat her severely, destroyed her mobile phone and pulled her by her hair in front of all the guests," the Al-Jazirah daily said.

The bride then ripped off the woman’s veil and announced through a microphone the woman’s motives, before receiving a round of applause "for being vigilant". She then tidied up her appearance and proceeded with the celebration.

Camera-equipped mobile phones are ostensibly banned in the conservative kingdom, where men and women celebrate weddings separately, leaving women at liberty to discard the all-covering black cloaks and veil that are obligatory in the presence of men.

Earlier this month, four ministries appealed to King Fahd to lift the ban, arguing that such technology had become a "fait accompli like television and the internet."

Now, this is hilarious. This story keeps getting better and better!

6 thoughts on “Update on the Saudi mobile camera story”

  1. Time for a new story, Tasha.
    LUBIA, Spain, Nov 21 (Reuters) – Bashing the boss, crushing computers and mashing mobile phones are some of the fun new stress-relief techniques offered at a Spanish junkyard.
    For 40 euros ($52) frazzled Spaniards can take out their frustrations on modern life’s most pernicious irritants like cars, computers, phones and photos of the boss.
    A scrapyard in the village of Lubia, 160 kms (100 miles) northeast of Madrid, provides sledgehammers, helmets, overalls, goggles and head-banging heavy metal music for “damage therapy” sessions organised by a group called StopStress.
    “Some people even bring photos of their bosses and put them on top of the cars before they start hitting them with their hammers,” StopStress co-founder Jorge Arribas said.
    Customers can spend up to two hours attacking appliances with sledgehammers but organisers say nobody has succeeded in sustaining their ire for more than 30 minutes.
    Notice the heavy metal reference…

  2. Metalordie,
    I don’t think I will get satisfaction from smashing things;-) I think it works better for men, they are hostile by nature;-)

  3. I just do not get why camera cell phones would be banned from a country. It is not like the images on those things ever come out clear or anything.
    As for this story about smashing things while listening to heavy meatal music, this tactic of releasing stress is old and played out. There are many differnt kinds of these things in America.
    Metalordie, it is time you look for a new story;)

  4. Matalordie, layk shou malak?
    Go find some other way to release stress. Something non-violent, like yoga.
    As for this cell phone story, i have really been thinking. While I do not approve the banning of the cell phone, it can really be used as an invasion of people’s privacey. Think about.

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