Meet-up with a Qatari blogger

Last night I met up with a Qatari blogger, Peaceful Muslimah (PM). We really had a great time as we hit it off immediately over a hot latte at Starbucks.

We had a very compelling conversation about everything and anything: from Doha, to blogging to religion and politics. PM is a very smart, empowered woman who is really quite inspiring.

She is coming over to our place in a couple of days for movies and a good time! We are looking forward to it.

7 thoughts on “Meet-up with a Qatari blogger”

  1. Hi Natasha!
    You beat me to it — I was going to sing your praises on PM’s World!
    I had a great time to and loved how we just clicked 😉 Looking forward to seeing you in a few and meeting that VA boy you’re married to!
    BTW, we watched Wedding In Galilee in my film class tonight. I’ll fill oyu in on the students’ reaction when I see you.
    Take care, sis,

  2. Yes, we will miss PM at our second meetup this weekend. But hopefully both Natasha and PM might be able to join us sometime in the future. Fun fun.

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