Maid abuse in the Arab world

Verma I’m one of those who is completely against having live-in maids, a phenomenon that is widely accepted and supported in the Arab world. Not only am I horrified by how this trend nurturers social classism, I’m actually appalled by how these, primarily Asian, maids are treated.

This is how this Indian maid was treated by her “masters” in Bahrain. Repulsive!

Source: [Gulf Daily News] via: [Chanad Bahraini]


  1. Hubby November 29, 2004 at 11:30 am

    Well, as you might imagine, it’s not just Bahrain that’s having troubles. I read story after story right here in Qatar. This is but the latest example.
    Classism is right. And the more I tour the Gulf, the more I feel it. I wonder if so many of the more wealthy realize that their country is being built and supported on the backs of those earning mere peanuts (in Qatar maybe 1,500 riyals — a little over $400 a month).
    If nothing else, I might be worried that those support beams on my building might not be as secure. Not because there is an inherent flaw in the quality of the worker but because they are growing tired of being abused. And the abuse is rife.
    The worst part is the fear of expulsion from the country. So many, from S. Asia in particular, work so hard to get here they’ll do most anything to stay.
    I could go on forever about this. Suffice to say here, the balance is so out of whack. The movie “Fight Club” closes with those on the receiving side finally giving it to the “takers” in a monumental way. I don’t know how this situation will develop but I’m certain that these communities — some larger than the indigenous population — will eventually make their voice heard.

  2. Linda November 29, 2004 at 12:31 pm

    It is so amazing how much of what happens in the Middle East reminds me of Los Angeles. In L.A., we have many undocumented immigrants of Hispanic orgin. These immigrants are truly the foundation of our city, and in many others around the U.S. They work hard labor for cheap wages. It is so sad.
    In california, for example, many are fighting to ensure these imigrants receive car insurance and medical benefits. This is where the double standard exists. Government is not willing to give these immigrants these benefits, but allows their citizens to hire and exploit their labor.
    Recently, a film maker came out with a documentary based in Los Angeles, called: A Day without a Mexican. This documentary shows how much this community contributes to California, which goes unnoticed.
    I hope “hubby” that you are right, and their voices will be heard.

  3. Zaid Amireh November 30, 2004 at 2:17 am

    Inspired by your comment “I’m one of those who is completely against having live-in maids”, I decided to make a small poll within an online community.
    I’m not sure if you have to register in order to see the results but I’ll be happy to post the results here if you want.

  4. Hubby November 30, 2004 at 3:38 am

    How do you vote? I can see results but find no way to place a vote. Do you have to register? The topic seemed to generate a lot of interest but from folks that really don’t get it with comments like “as long as she’s bi.” I realize they are joking but they are obviously detached from this reality.

  5. Zaid Amireh November 30, 2004 at 11:29 am

    You have to register to be able to vote.
    and about that guy who said “I’m for it, especially if she’s cute and bi.”, he is a moron who hates everyone so dont pay attention to him.

  6. Chan'ad November 30, 2004 at 12:11 pm

    I just wanted to make it clear that the pictured woman was not beaten by an Arab man, but by an Indian woman residing in Bahrain. So your analysis is perfectly correct that this is about classism more than racism, sexism, or anything else.

  7. Natile Smith May 5, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    I THINK WHATS HAPPENING TO THE MAIDS COMMING TO THE MIDDLE EAST IS DISGUSTING! RAPE,ABUSE, THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT THEY ARE PROMISED IS ALL A LIE AND THEY TIE THEM UP AND ABUSE THESE HELPLESS COMMING TO HELP THE LIVES OF THEIR FAMILES SOMEONE HAS TO STAND UP NOW BEFORE SO MANY DIE! My bestfriend is an indian girl who came to america by the funds saved from her sister from being a maid. She was raped and abused and later she stoped sending money and then there was no contact. We can all infer what happened Someone please stop these dammed people from torturing these women please we have to stand up for them now!


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