The magic of Miramiyyeh


This miramieyh exhibition is an awesome idea. Two thumbs up to all of those behind it. I’m a firm believer that miramieyh (sage) is magical. It provides a cure for all physical and mental ailments. I will definitely pay a visit to this show while I’m in Amman. Click the picture if you want to be able to read more details.

8 thoughts on “The magic of Miramiyyeh”

  1. As a defender of “malleeseh”, I am offended by the unequal exclusion of this herb from public recognition. Therefore, I propose making “malleeseh” the “National Herb” of the HKJ to restore the dignity of an herb that I have always heard of but never tried!

  2. What what what?! You never heard of “malleseh”! Ask any of Madaba’s elderly. My grandmother used to talk about it, and my father used to joke about it! “malleeseh”, as far as the name conveys, it is used for constipation. lol

  3. I have just bought some Miramiyyeh (I think – it’s spelt Meramieh on the packet) and I would like to know how to make tea from it. How much do I need for a cup? Is it only a medicine or can it also just be a nice drink?
    Can someone help me?

  4. Ok, boil the water then add some miramiyah leaves to the boiling water and let it boil for few minutes. Place a sieve on a cup then pour the contents inside the cup. Drink from the cup and enjoy the taste.
    Miramiyah is helpful mainly in easing stomach pains but many drink it solely to enjoy its taste

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