Sarah Michelle Geller is in love with Dubai

Sarah Michelle Geller

"If anyone has any reason for me to come back I will. I’ll open a supermarket, I’ll do anything. I like it here. I think the region is absolutely beautiful – I cannot get over the how clean the sea is.

The people are so friendly. Some people knew who I was and some didn’t, but everybody smiled and said hello. I have had the best time and I’m trying to figure out how I don’t have to leave."

Source: [Gulf News] via [Mahmood’s Den]

Opening a supermarket! Wow! It seems her love for Dubai is genuine.

8 thoughts on “Sarah Michelle Geller is in love with Dubai”

  1. Wow, Dubai is getting popular among celebreties. According to an American entertainment magazine (I am not sure which one, but does it matter because they all look the same) my sister was recently reading, Star Jones of the hit morning show The View on ABC, had her honeymoon in Dubai. I wonder if they stayed in that hotel that everyone refers to as “Bourg al Arab”

  2. Well, Linda Dubai is a nice fantasy land, but I don’t think it is the right place for honyemooners. It is soul-less! We were in Dubai in Oct read this if you are interested to know our view of the place;-)

  3. I hate Star Jones and her big fat arrogance. Who cares that she got married. That it was covered with all this pomp and circumstance absolutely ad nauseum says to me she wanted everyone to know that she “got herself a man, girl” so no one would think she was following the Oprah path.
    Star is a big mouth with little substance, her wedding proved that and if she’s honeymooning in Dubai that’s the proverbial icing on the cake.

  4. Jeff,
    hahahahahahaha. thats the best explanation i have heard about Star’s big wedding since she first announced it. Love it!

  5. Wow, I’ve never heard Jeff go off like that. I don’t know who Star Jones was so I had to look her up on the Net to see the source of his wrath. I didn’t read anything, just saw her pix. She looks obnoxious.

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