Unpleasant greeting

We are back to Doha after a wonderful two-week trip to Jordan. And no, I’m not glad to be back. You can never get enough of your family and friends.

As soon as we stepped into our Doha flat, we were greeted by an unpleasant surprise: a bad odor.

It turned out to be nothing more than the smell of rotten food in the fridge due to a power outage that occurred while we were gone. You really don’t want to visualize the multi-color scene we were greeted by as soon as we opened the fridge! It was a horrible, horrible sight!

We had to get rid of nearly every single food item, ending up with a near empty fridge! And yes, I’m hungry! Welcome to Doha!

By Natasha Tynes

I’m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. I hope you didnt have any mansaf in there natasha because that would be truly a waste. glad to hear you guys are back safe and sound.

  2. oh wow how nice:) never leave the country with out leaving your fridge empty it happened with us once when we used to live in abu dahbi
    any ways i might pay qatar a short visit during this week coz i really need to see my brothe i miss him kteeeer so maybe i’ll see you over there;)

  3. Glad you’re home safe & sound, but sorry to hear about the food mishap. We’ve had those things in the fridge that get old and smell, but I don’t recall the whole thing going off. Hope it wasn’t too bad to clean up.
    love, Dad & Mom

  4. Well I hope it was not rotten potatoes. Believe they are the worst! A month after my wife’s long visit to Jordan this past summer I started smelling the most revolting odor from the pantry only to discover 2 weeks later that there was a bag of potatoes in the less used corner of it. It was soggy and required an hour of detoxification of the floor afterwards. Ugggh, I can still smell it in my brain.
    Anyway, hope you had a good flight back!

  5. Well, we’d planned ahead a bit. We had already emptied the fridge of meats and milk and such. It was mostly cheese, some old veggies and some yoghurt, so the cleanup was not bad at all. We did lose some meat in the freezer though.
    When we’d left for over a month previously everything was fine. Back then, we cut the power in the house to all but the fridge with no problems. But apparently the exodus of one of our neighbors while were in Jordan and the subsequent “repairs” tripped a breaker that cut power off to our flat. I can just picture them trying something out next door that made the whole buidling go black.
    Regardless, it was time to clean out the fridge anyway; time for a fresh start.

  6. YUCK!!!! Glad it was something that was easily taken care of. There’s nothing like arriving home from a great trip only to end up with some disaster to deal with. Here in the US Midwest, the weather these days causes water pipes to burst so we have to keep the heat on during extended absences or we could end up coming home to a frozen pond. Actually happened to a friend of mine….the water from the pipe ran for 3 days. What a mess!!

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