Another Saudi mobile camera story

This one is repulsive!

Two young Saudis have been sentenced by the high court here to prison terms and flogging for orchestrating and filming a Nigerian driver sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl, Al-Watan newspaper reported yesterday.

Judge Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Luhaidan sentenced the main defendant, Barjis ibn Faleh, 27, to 12 years imprisonment and 1,200 lashes, while compatriot Abdulrahman ibn Haif, 22, was sentenced to two years and 200 lashes, Al-Watan reported.

“The Nigerian driver who appeared in the film, Youssef Abkar Mohammad Abdullah, was sentenced to a six-year imprisonment and 600 lashes,” the paper said. The scandal, which shocked the conservative Saudi society, broke out after the accused circulated footage of the assault through mobile phones equipped with cameras.

Source: [Arab News]

5 thoughts on “Another Saudi mobile camera story”

  1. How about the guy who sexually assaulted the girl. Why is his sentence less than the guys who video tapped it?

  2. That’s all they get for organizing a young girl’s rape while they filmed it?! The jilted boyfriend who orchestrated it should have been killed. Or do they only execute third-world workers accused of selling a bit of alcohal?

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