Affliction Day

Amin Matalaqa, the US-based Jordanian movie maker I talked about in an earlier post has a new film. Entitled “Affliction Day,” the movie is a must-watch for those who harbor strong feelings one way or the other for Michael Bolton. The short flick is actually quite amusing. Here is the link.

5 thoughts on “Affliction Day”

  1. But I like Michael Bolton. But I am Jordanian first so i think i will stop listening to him because I do not want to end up sticking a pencil in my ear. Thanks for the great advice Amin 🙂 and Natasha, thanks for posting the links to Amin’s site. The videos are really funny, especially the ones with Arabs speaking the Jordanian dialect.

  2. Make up your mind Linda ! Are you Jordanian ?, or American ( back to Disturbing revelation- Jan 9th comment.)! In case you were wondering, I am neither, nor. I am vegetarian!

  3. Jareer,
    I was born and raised In Los Angeles California. Parents born in Jordan. Religion: Catholic.
    So I am a proud American Jordanian Catholic, who clebrates the best of both cultures. Does that answer your question Jareer? By the way, i dont like it when people yell at me (hence the exclamation marks in your post). 🙂 is there anything else you would like to know about me?

  4. How much do I love your blog? I am still laughing at Amin’s video and I think Israelis and Jordanians can forge greater bonds of friendship based solely on our hatred of Michael Bolton. Sadly I must also apologize to Amin and all the fine people of Jordan, for Michael Bolton, on top of being a truly horrific singer, is also Jewish. Hopefully we can get past that ….

  5. Peace through hatred of Michael Bolton

    So I was perusing Jordanian blog Mental Mayhem when I came across this video called Affliction Day by Amin Matalaqa, a Jordanian American. Seems our peoples have much in common, including an all abiding hatred of Michael Bolton. Sadly, Michael, née Mi…

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