Mosaic coasters

Mosaic coaster

I haven’t talked much about the gifts we received for Christmas. We were really grateful and very thankful for those that generously and selflessly demonstrated the Christmas spirit of giving.

One of our favorite Christmas gifts, which we continue to admire and marvel at most every day, is a set of mosaic coasters made in my home town of Madaba.

They really are beautiful. They were given to us by Mark and Brigitte when we were in Jordan. What is unique about them is that they display Jordanian themes. One theme is the black Iris -– Jordan’s national flower. How cool is that?

We are so happy with this generous present that we are thinking of getting yet more of those coasters when we go to Jordan and giving them as gifts to friends and family abroad. They definitely make phenomenal gifts for both Jordanian and non-Jordanian alike.

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  1. I saw a similar design tray and trivets at a good friend’s house at one one point in time. We eventually received these as wedding gifts from her and we love them. They are awesome! Thanks Maha 😉 My boss has a mug/pen holder like this and we got the coasters for a few other friends. They make excellent gifts.

  2. Yes, they will make excellent gifts. Especially when they are sent abroad , like to “Jareer” for instance !

  3. It looks amazing. Where in Madaba do you get them?
    I’ve tried to cut down on alcohol, but every Amman visit inevitably brings a 7art Jdoudna drunken night.
    I got the chance two years ago to go see the church with the world map in mosaic on the floor, that was magnificent.

  4. Arash,
    I featured the coaster with the small village, the black Iris coaster is a totally different theme. I will post a picture of it soon.
    I had my wedding reception at Haret Jdoudna. It was beautiful. I love this place. Those coasters were gifts, but I understood they were made in madaba at probably the Italian mosaic school there. They are sold in Amman by a woman called Sonia Twal (yes, garabah!) who has a shop somewhere in Rabia. If you are interested, I can get you more details from my sister.

  5. Al Afghani has coasters and mugs; I would also check Beit Al Bawadi and the Jordan River Foundation. We also got a jewelry box of the same concept and that one has a label that says “Gadara Design”.

  6. Teesh – I’ve been to her workshop.. Very very busy and such beautiful products 🙂
    I used to work with her and her parter on some volunteer work for the Intifada and the workshop is where we used to meet..
    mabrook the coasters – enjoy 😀

  7. Hi, it’s very interesting for me
    Кароче я плохо говорю по английски

  8. Sorry interrebting, just a note about the coaster that you were talking about specially the one with “GADARA Design” label are produced by a Jordanian firm called Gadara Design, our show room is located in Amman- Jabel Al Waybdeh and we do have small items like coasters, pen holders, trivets, plates and plaques, also large items like carpets and panels, please call us at 5655525 any time and we are more than happy to help you choose the best gift from Jordan, I didn’t mean to interfere but I accidentally found your comments while searching the web. Take care.
    Samer Shraideh

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