An ‘Incredible’ viewing

IncWe just got back from the movies where the film of choice was The Incredibles, and what an incredible movie it was! From the top-notch animation to the highly amusing plot and witty dialogue, this movie is really a work of art. It is so imaginative, filled with creativity and loads of fun. It also sends some subliminal political messages, which makes it even more enjoyable.

I heard so much about The Incredibles, I was over the moon when it finally made it to Qatar. I was not disappointed. The movie was definitely worth every penny we spent … I would watch it again and again!

I just noticed that Roba recently saw the movie and fell in love with it too. Why am I not surprised? It is divine.

Still on the movie topic, I thought I’d discuss the movies I’ve recently seen. Here’s my list:

S.W.A.T: A typical guys’ movie with lots of clichés and a mediocre plot. The action scenes are nothing special and the acting is very disappointing, especially from a legend like Samuel L. Jackson. If you are a woman and were made to watch this movie by your partner, don’t panic. There is one thing worth watching: Colin Farwell. And no, I’m not referring to his acting skills

Kill Bill 2: Yes. It is Tarnatino. And yes, it is supposed to be good! The movie was fine, don’t get me wrong. It was just not as captivating as the first one. The martial arts scenes were few and far between and not near as impressive as the ones found in the first part, where Uma Thurman really kicked ass. Also the movie ended on a very happy note, not so Tarantino-like.

The Company: A dull movie about even more dull dancers. I slept through it and kept waking up every 15 minutes hoping for the story to develop. Nothing happened. The dancers kept dancing to no end! Why would they even label it as movie? Those behind it could have saved faced if they just called it "documentary." Ah well!

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By Natasha Tynes

I’m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. I want to see that!! And I heard Kill Bill 2 is a lot more drama. I want to see the new Batman and Star Wars III, even though I know the full screenplay spoiler of the latter.
    From a reliable source at Skywalker Ranch, if anyone’s interested.

  2. Linda lamebrain…
    Go google Star Wars and see what you get.
    And yes, Skywalker Ranch, a multi-billion dollar plot housing ILM and THX.
    Aaargh the new generation kids…too much Britney on the Brain.

  3. metalordie,
    okay, i should not put star wars down, since i have never seen it. im going to watch it monday night, i promise.
    but as for your birtney comment, i think not. ewww! and why mention britney? this is a post about movies, not music. oh, but you are probably considering her as an actress maybe because you were the only one who saw britney’s movie, eh?
    I have not seen the Incredibles yet, but I will now since you gave a rave review of it Natahsa. The most recent movie I saw was Phantom of the Opera, and boy was it great. I cant wait till it comes out there in Doha so you can see it. You will really love it, especially the Phantom 😉

  4. It really was a wonderful movie and in a different class than The Polar Express. While I liked Polar’s story just fine, the omnipresent Tom Hanks got on my nerves and I felt the morality press was a little too strong. It should have felt fun but it didn’t. The whole buildup to Santa was a bit overwrought.
    The Incredibles was fun from start to finish. It’s interesting, Polar had this whole photo-real rendering thing going on, modeling the movements of live actors. They got so close with the conductor (Hanks). Incredibles didn’t go for “real” they went fantasy, paying homage to cartoon superheroes I grew up with, as well as James Bond and even an Ewok speeder bit (with a twist) in the forest. I noticed in both how well computers are able to render inanimate objects, particularly hair and fabric. Those items could easily be mistaken for real. But skin is a long way off and eyes, well that’s probably the toughest.
    Incredibles didn’t dally with trying to make amazing technology look like it was “working” to do something like I was feeling in Polar. They just gave it to us: great big gobs of fun. I even liked the political angle, including a black superhero. As far as I know, black superheroes are few and far between in comic lore. But here, as voiced by the great Samuel L. Jackson, they delivered a nice subtlety balanced race message. As with so much of the rest of it, while there was morality and politics but it was nice and subtle like the cartoons of old.
    Speaking of which, I saw a Gulf-produced ‘toon trailer that looked like old Disney, circa The Jungle Book. I thought it looked quite nice, though the wife gave a good poo poo. Who knew the Gulf was pumping out a Disney-esque version of life in toon world?

  5. We were planning on taking the kids to see “The Incredibles” tomorrow, I’ve also been waiting with baited breath until it came to Jordan!
    Linda, I’m with Lordie, girl you haven’t lived until you have seen Star Wars! Even my kids are crazy about the films (although they laugh at the special effects from 20 years ago!). I think I’ll even get to see it in the US and not have to wait months to see it here.

  6. Speaking of Incredibles vs. Polar Express, I came across this cool discussion of “avatars,” the computer created characters for both these films, via Boing Boing. Seems there’s been a lot of debate and name-calling over the zombie like quality of those in Polar. This guy here worked the images to create more empathetic faces, working the eyes primarily it appears.
    And as an interesting aside, he found that the Incredibles director was on the same page, working to create truly emotive faces, which I think he really succeeded on in the film. This brought me into Incredibles while I just looked at Polar and thought about all that made it look odd.

  7. We just saw Incredibles, and it was! Although I appreciate the images, I appreciated more a Dad who was real, not stupid, or gone; Mom who could get into home-making and keep her brain sharp; a marriage that worked through difficulty; kids who weren’t Rug-rats rude, yea, we’ll be buying this one.

  8. Metalordie (Whatever!) convinced me to watch StarWars (the first one) and i have to admitt, i am a new fan. There are you happy metalordie?

  9. Oh Natasha you are gonna love it. The music is wonderful and it will be stuck in your head in a good way. Its so much fun to watch and you will just fall in love with all the characters, especially that oh so handsome Phantom. hmmm.

  10. The Incredibles

    At last, I got to watch Pixar’s animation movie “The Incredibles”. Needless to say, I loved it like every other Pixar movie I’ve seen. These guys are just so talented and their work is so beautiful. From “Toy Story” to…

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