Morning surfing

Bill GatesMy morning surfing resulted in this. A picture of a young Bill Gates. Now isn’t this just hilarious? Geez, he looks like such a nerd!

Click here for more pictures.

The Fox BlockerAnother amusing thing I found was the FOX blocker.

Hate Fox news and their right wing propaganda? Then block them with this inline fliter that keeps their TV signal at bay.

I also found an active committee that protects the rights of bloggers. Neat no?

On a separate note, there are continuing updates to newswire, coming on a near daily basis, but very few seem to notice all of our hard work šŸ™

So here are some highlights:

9 thoughts on “Morning surfing”

  1. Natasha, I hadn’t really realized it was there…I have read it now and may have to make it my homepage! šŸ˜€ Good work!

  2. Wendy,
    Iā€™m glad you found newswire. It is a sub-site maintained by the husband and I that is basically an accumulation of primarily middle east-oriented news that we come across during our daily surfing. Enjoy!

  3. The FOX Blocker? That’s too funny, more liberal-wanna-be’s trying to capitalize on the idiocy of the Hannity and O’reilly-from books to gadgets. My cheaper (in fact free) alternatives: (1) don’t turn the channel to Fox News (2) If compelled to do so, deactivate that channel from the TV or receiver settings (3) If the above fails, invest in a piece of Scotch Tape and tape across the button for the channel number on your remote control; The downside to that is you may block other channels that share the same digit but this is circumvented by going up or down a channel and scrolling to the desired channel.
    And Newswire, great project; though I admit I haven’t been following up on it faithfully. Don’t be discouraged by the likes of me, keep wiring the news.

  4. Why dont we just all stop watching tv. that’s what im trying to do. one of the greates professors i have ever had does not have a tv in his house. how cool is that. i hope to accoplish that one day, well at least for my room because i dont think my parents would like me throwing out their plasma.

  5. Well your newswire is really in an obscure place (so is the weather girl). I had seen and used it before though, some interesting items there.

  6. Arash,
    You are right about the position of Newswire. We are thikning of adding tabs under the banner or something to highlight the many features of this blog. We’ll see. Thank you for your interest.

  7. wtf, no he doesn’t look like a nerd. i find it kinda cute, he’s really not that bad looking…plus he’s loaded.

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