The weather girl was right!

Rain in Doha from our windowsillThe weather girl was right. She predicted rain, a rarity in Doha, and it happened! Here is a picture from our kitchen window of this uncommon occurrence. Click it for an enlargement where you can almost make out what proved to be a downpour.

For those who haven’t met the weather girl, click here to go down below the “Blogs I’m following” section. Here you’ll find an animated icon that predicts the weather in Doha, or where ever you desire once you set it up. The cool thing about this weather girl is that she changes her attire according to the temperature. Last night she was holding an umbrella. How cool is that?

6 thoughts on “The weather girl was right!”

  1. Hehe… you are fascinated by rain in Doha to the point of putting up a photo!
    I wonder if Qatar lacked Oil and Gas would any growth take place at all. Unless there is some economic incentive, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live there, or anywhere on the Arabian Peninsula for that matter (except maybe parts of Yemen and Oman). Of course some growth would take place from fishing and such as was the case prior to the exploration of oil, something like the present day Western Sahara I guess.

  2. Wow! this picture reminds me of the rainstorm we had a few days ago out here in L.A. It was terrible. It rained so much that hills colapesed in Ventura county and ruined many homes, and killing i think about 10 to 15 people. Lets hope it does not rain that much in Doha.

  3. Arash,I wouldn’t wanna live there even with oil and gas. In fact, make it gold and diamond; I would still not wanna live there.

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