A Window on Lebanon

The sun sets over Byblos harborWell, the husband did it again. He created a fantastic gallery of a trip we took last year to Lebanon. You can click here or the gallery picture in the sidebar on the left to see the delights. He also made this wonderful panoramic image (350k!) of Beirut from the veranda of my sister’s house in Al-Ouzaei neighborhood in the suburbs of Beirut.

Still in the realm of photographs, we are now building up an interactive gallery featuring many of the pictures we have taken across the Middle East through the years. This gallery allows me to post individual images I want to show without a lot of fuss and viewers can comment on the pictures, even sending out TrackBacks. It’s really some neat stuff.

Another development you might have noticed on Mental mayhem is the addition of tabs up top there, beneath the banner This will hopefully make the site easier to navigate and more readily highlight some hidden site features like newswire, my archives and other surprises to come.

I’m also pleased to announce that there are two new domains for this blog: www.mentalmayhem.org and www.mentalmayhem.net. I tried to get www.mentalmayhem.com but it was already taken. Bastards! šŸ˜‰ These domains are just another wonderful way to help you find the Mayhem.

By Natasha Tynes

Iā€™m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. Cool…looks like nothing I have seen when I was sneaked into Lebanon from Syria for one day more than 12 years ago.
    I also checked mentalmayhem.com, they haven’t even started building a homepage, all they have is a gay pink page…pfff, I hate people who buy things they don’t use. Make them an “offer they can’t refuse” and see if they would sell you the address.

  2. Byblos was one of the most picturesque cities I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the comment Iyas. We only had two weeks there but had the most fantastic tour guides in sister and brother-in-law Mark and Brigitte. They got us all over the place in that short bit, really showing us some of the best of what Lebanon has to offer. I’m still amazed by the “sun in the morning” then “snow in the afternoon” thing that the country has going. The Lebanese snow was absolutely magical. I’ve been around big snow but never ridden down roads with snow 2 meters high on the side. We saw so much in those weeks. After our recent Christmas, this was one of the best breaks we’ve had in a long time.

  3. Wow!
    Maybe I’m biased, but Jeff’s photography is easily as good as anything I’ve seen in National Geographic.
    Aunt K

  4. I really appreciate the kind words. I do my best to be humble about these things but biased or unbiased, it’s nice to hear praise from peers and family members alike. I wish we’d had more time in Lebanon. What a marvelous place. I feel if I’d had more time there I could have taken much better pictures. There’s this period when you first visit a place where your head just can’t get inside the camera. You’re just too busy absorbing everything: sites, sounds, the vibe of the place. The pictures you take are usually lame because you are distracted and maladjusted. We started to get connected with Lebanon during our time there but the place just has a vast amount of history and culture. Two weeks was not enough! We must return!

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