Excitement at the Doha Arrivals Gate

While we were waiting for Amal at the airport last night, we caught a glimpse of some Arab celebrities that were in Qatar to take part is some sort of Arab song festival. The first one we saw was this guy: Exhibit A (he enlarges). This is that Libyan guy who won the Superstar singing competition. I don’t know his name, as I haven’t watched this highly popular show in some time.

The second guy was famous Egyptian singer Hani Shaker, seen here: Exhibit B (he enlarges as well).

But of all the celebrities we saw, the young woman in Exhibit C remains our favorite. This is Amal emerging from Customs after returning from Lebanon and her vacation, which lasted over a month. We are very glad she is back. We missed her a great deal!

Exhibit A
That Superstar guy

Exhibit B
Hani Shaker

Exhibit C
Almighty Amal

10 thoughts on “Excitement at the Doha Arrivals Gate”

  1. Thanks guys, this is soooo cool! A colleague here at the station saw it and said, ‘Wow, you’re so important that your return to the country was actually documented?’

  2. Wow, you guys saw Hani Shaker? Or as we refer to him in my family, “Hani Shaker, Kolo Mashakel.”
    Funny story about him. When my mom was like 15, she was a big fan of his. She was listening to the radio in Jordan, and all of a sudden they annonced his p.o.box address, if fans wanted to send him a letter. my mom got all excited and told her sister to write down the address. the nearest paper to my aunt was her birth certificate and so she wrote down the address on the back of her birth certificate.
    Well, then years later came my mom and my aunts wedding (they had a double wedding) and when the priest asked for my aunts birth certificate, her husband, now my uncle took it out, saw the name hani shaker on it with an address and flipped out. he thought it was te address of some guy she liked or something. hehehehe.
    and that is why we refer to him as Hani Shaker Kolo Mashakel.

  3. Well, you’ve got to do the math: Hani Shaker + dude from Superstar = small deal.
    But when you add in ‘Almighty Amal’ the equation changes:

    Hani Shaker + Superstar dude + Almighty Amal = Big deal

    So, as you can clearly see here it was, in fact, a big deal. The equation clearly shows the veracity of this statement. Math rules!

  4. Alright, that’s my incentive to transfer my old pictures ro the new computer and post the photo of Mariah Carey and however was with her at Sundance 2002!

  5. Hey, I too have pictures with celebs. WEll only one U.S. celeb but the rest are all arabs, like ragheb alameh, assi hellani, rabih al Khouli, wael Kfoury, ramy ayach…

  6. Jareer you got your math wrong, it’s more like physics and the Big Bang. The two Arab celebrities are analogous to matter and anti-matter at the on-set of the big bang. The consequential result is the awe inspiring and beautiful universe we call Amal…
    I’m glad to see you got your luggage on time unlike some other traveller I know:)
    A personal thanks goes out to Natasha and Jeff for making her arrival a pleasant one, thank you greatly!

  7. Yusuf,
    I donno what you are talking about. I did not do any math. Big Bang and other stuff ! That is astronomy too!

  8. No worries Yusef. That was my calculus. It’s been awhile since I ran an equation so I’m prone to some mistakes. I’m also pretty piss poor at the old nuclear physics matter vs. antimatter business. Take a deep breath Jareer, the false accusation is answered. It’s all over now.

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