Dinner and a movie

Roasted chicken and potatoesLast night the Tynes enjoyed this [click to enlarge it] for dinner.

The wonderful dish, called zesty roasted chicken and potatoes, was made by yours truly and believe me when I tell you it turned out fine. The recipe is available upon request. Yeah, yeah
I’m getting arrogant and I know it 😉

This fine meal was followed by the 1998 movie Living Out Loud, which proved to be very enjoyable. The film, starring Holly Hunter and Danny DeVito,
tells the story of a recently divorced woman who is trying to get over her ugly break-up while figuring out what she really wants in life. Have I ever mentioned that I really like Holly Hunter? The dialog was smart, refreshing and very original. I’m surprised I have never seen this movie before.

Ok, it is about time to embrace the day, but before I do I will leave you with some highlights from newswire:

5 thoughts on “Dinner and a movie”

  1. Hehe, I think now you can rightfully start to become arrogant! Wow, that looks so professional 🙂 So when are you going to invite us for a nice home cooked meal Natasha? 😛

  2. Roba,
    The reason this meal looks so professional simply because the photo was taken by a very professional photographer who happens to be the husband:)
    And anytime you or any Mental Mayhem reader come to Doha, then you are invited to our place for dinner;-) This is a promise:)

  3. ummmmmmmmm, carbs! where is the bread? you know what they say about us Jordanians. we even eat our bread dipping it in air. wow, that does not sound so good translating it in english.

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