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This one is from Bahrain.

Teenage girls fined

MANAMA: Two teenage girls were fined BD100 by the Lower Criminal Court for singing loudly in a street after attending a hotel party in Manama late at night. They were caught by a police patrol.

Source: [Gulf Daily News] Via: [Or does it?]

Update: The full story has emerged. See ‘comments’ for details.


  1. Ahmad Humeid February 12, 2005 at 5:40 am

    Those criminals! They should have passed 10 year prison sentences on them. SINGING in the street!! What’s next. If we allow people to sing in the street, next thing they’ll play guitar in public. Which means the downfall of our great civilization.

  2. Arash February 12, 2005 at 6:16 am

    Was it because they were female and a singing or because they were disrupting the peace?

  3. Natasha February 12, 2005 at 6:36 am

    I have no idea Arash. Regardless, it is an amusing news item. I wish some of the Bahraini bloggers out there can shed a light on the issue.

  4. Jareer February 12, 2005 at 8:24 am

    What was the song about? It might be a provocative song against the government, for instance. The problem might be that they were in the street, not on the sidewalk, causing some traffic problems or jeopardizing their own safety. What kind of clothes were they wearing?. See, do not make quick judgments, police might have the right !

  5. iyas February 12, 2005 at 11:43 am

    Could have been worse…They could have been dragged out of the shower for singing.

  6. Hubby February 12, 2005 at 11:49 am

    Or check it out here:

    Girls fined for lewd dancing
    By Mohammed Aslam
    Gulf Daily News
    TWO Bahraini women have been fined for immoral behaviour after twice being caught dancing in the street. The women, aged 24 and 21, from East Riffa and Isa Town, respectively, were each fined BD100 by the Lower Criminal Court.
    They were first caught after going dressed as men in thobes and Arab headgear to a fancy dress party at a Hoora hotel, on August 23, 2003, the court heard. The women left the party and were still dancing outside after going to a disco at another hotel nearby, when they were arrested.
    They were released with a warning after giving an undertaking not to repeat this kind of behaviour, the court heard. But on September 21 last year, they were spotted in a car on Exhibition Avenue, with one of the women standing up through the sun roof and dancing, said police.
    “Half of her body was out of the sun roof of the car and she was dancing,” said one of the policeman. “She was wearing revealing clothes and was dancing with the music playing at full volume.
    “All the drivers on Exhibition Road stopped to watch this scene and Gulf and Bahraini-registered cars raced to be near their car.” He said the women stopped near a 24-hour supermarket, where the policeman said he got out of his car to approach them.
    “But the women driving the car tried to escape and she banged her car into me and her car climbed onto the pavement,” he said. The policeman said the women drove off, but were caught in a dead-end road and arrested, after other patrols were alerted.
    The women denied crashing into the policeman.
    The 24-year-old did not show up in the court to hear the verdict but the younger one did. The older woman said in an earlier statement that the 2003 incident arose from a fancy dress party held in a Hoora hotel by a Moroccan girl.
    She said the she and the other defendant dressed as men in thobes and Arab headgear and went to the party, where they danced. They left at midnight and went to a disco at another hotel nearby and were arrested by vice-squad police as they left.
    The younger defendant said they were dancing in the lift and on their way up to the second hotel, when they were arrested, but had not been drinking.
    There was no further information about the second incident.

    I’m not sure, but something sounds a bit shady regardless of which story you buy.

  7. linda February 12, 2005 at 12:52 pm

    if they were soley arrested on for dancing through the sunroof while driving the car, then i can understand the charges and arrest, but for singing and dancing, there is nothing wrong with that. lordy, i guess that song “Dancing in the Streets” is not the most popular song in Bahrain? Its one of my fav:
    Callin’ out around the world,
    are you ready for a brand new beat?
    Summer’s here and the time is right
    for dancin’ in the street.
    Dancin’ in Chicago (dancin’ in the street)
    Down in New Orleans (dancin’ in the street)
    In New York City
    All we need is music, sweet music,
    There’ll be music everywhere
    There’ll be swingin’ swayin’, and records playin,
    Dancin’ in the street
    Oh it doesn’t matter what you wear,
    just as long as you are there.
    So come on every guy, grab a girl,
    Everywhere, around the world
    There’ll be dancin’, they’re dancin’ in the street.
    This is an invitation, across the nation,
    A chance for folks to meet.
    There’ll be laughin’ singin’, and music swingin’
    Dancin’ in the street
    Philadelphia P.A., Baltimore and D.C now,
    Can’t forget the motor city,
    All we need is music, sweet music
    There’ll be music everywhere
    There’ll be swingin’ swayin’, and records playin,
    Dancin’ in the street
    Oh it doesn’t matter what you wear,
    just as long as you are there.
    So come on every guy, grab a girl,
    Everywhere, around the world
    They’re dancin’, dancin’ in the street
    Way down in L.A., every day
    they’re dancin’ in the street
    Lets form a big strong line, and get in time,
    We’re dancin’ in the street.
    Across the ocean blue, me and you
    We’re dancin n the street

  8. metalordie February 12, 2005 at 8:19 pm

    24-hour supermarkets! THOSE BASTARDS! Why can’t we have one of those here!
    24-hour supermarkets!
    24-hour supermarkets!
    24-hour supermarkets!
    Another thing to add to my list of grievances.
    That’s it. Am nuking the place.
    F#$@# god-da*&^%!!

  9. Wendy February 13, 2005 at 3:00 am

    metalordie, where are you living that there are no 24 hour supermarkets! Yikes! No running out to get Skittles and licorice when you are watching movies! I was thinking of you this week as our friends are down from Baghdad and we’ve been watching Star Wars and LotR nightly…
    Lord, please bless this guy with a fun surprise today that will make him laugh out loud.


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