Syrian perspective

. . . and here is a Syrian perspective on the assassination of Hariri.


By Natasha Tynes

I’m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. Thanks Natasha for linking to my post. It was more like a short excerpt of a conversation in a Damascus street rather than an analysis about this ultra-complicated and dramatically-developing issue… I hope things won’t get worse 🙁

  2. Why don’t the Syrians just pack and leave Lebanon. What are they waiting for. A butt kick from USA, or withdraw with some dignity.

  3. My history about Syria and Lebanon and their history is really not up to par. Can some one please explain why Syria wants to stay in Lebanon or provide me with a good source on this history?

  4. Linda,
    Here is my humble knowledge of the issue.
    Geographically, Syria surrounds lebanon except from the seaside. Lebanon is the access of Syria to the Meditteranean. When war in Lebanon broke out in 1975, it took 15 years until Arab countries met in Saudi Arabia and decided to send Syrian troops as a buffer zone and enforce security. This is called ” Altaaef agreement”. Altaaef is a city in Saudi Arabia where the meeting took place. Eversince, Syrians are there and taking advantage of the mission once given to them to bring security and refusing to leave . This is another form of occupation but under the umbrella of Arab league agreement.

  5. Jareer,
    just pointing out that the syrians didn’t come in after altayef… they came in at 1976 after an arab league meeting and as a part of a pan-arab force called ” qowwat alrade’ alarabiya” قوات الردع العربية and soon all other small arab troops leftr, and the syrians never did until today…

  6. The issue, like all Lebanese politics is extremely complicated, read a book like “Lebanon: death of a Nation” by Sarah Mackey, or something like that to be able to make the situation a bit clearer.

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