Dahab Hippies

Dahab's hippies enjoy the day

When we were in Sharm el Sheikh last July we took a one-day trip to Dahab, another coastal city on the Red Sea near Aqaba. What we found was really fascinating. This sleepy little town has become a hippie hangout, with a cosmopolitan mix of youths chilling, listening to reggae and generally having a good time.

I never expected to see this in the Arab world.

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9 thoughts on “Dahab Hippies”

  1. Your hippies are much cleaner and happier looking than our hippies. Our hippies are really dirty and on drugs. I’m in Santa Cruz, CA (on the coast, south of San Francisco), and I think we should send our hippies to you so they can learn how to be proper hippies. Although, I would hate to send our filth to your nation. =)

  2. I heard someone referring to yippies once and never asked about it. then natasha’s post reminded me of it. There is such a thing as a yippie, and its related to hippies. wow, where do they come up with the words:
    1 entry found for yippies.
    yip·pie ( P ) Pronunciation Key (yp)
    A member of a group of politically radical hippies, active especially during the late 1960s.
    [From Y(outh) I(nternational) P(arty)(influenced by hippie).]
    [Download or Buy Now]
    Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
    Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
    Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

  3. In other words, hippies are making the move to the Sinai. They are packing their European and American bags and making the move to the Middle East. Apparently, their central command center will be located in Dahab. From here they will foist their weed and their laid back attitudes and their “peace now brother” on an unsuspecting Arab world. This is the eighth sign of the Apocalypse 😉

  4. Natasha,
    I last visited Dahab in 1996. It was festooned with Hippies. From the picture you put up it looks like the same ones I met are still there.
    hahaha…sad, but true…
    But development projects are changing the landscape.
    Ah it feels good to hog all the comments…

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