Domestic helper collects JD250,000 lottery prize

The Bangladeshi housemaid that won the lottery, has, in fact, received his money. So it was for real after all! There is hope ladies and gentlemen! There is hope.

A Bangladeshi domestic helper who scooped the biggest ever jackpot on the Jordanian Charitable Lottery broke down in tears yesterday when he was presented with his JD250,000 cheque. "I am so happy to win the lottery, it’s a great feeling. I always dreamt of being rich and now I finally am." Abdul Malek told The Jordan Times.

Mohammed Abdul Malek Sekdar, 46, was presented with the cheque by General Federation for Charitable Organisations Fund Secretary General Ahmad Eses during a ceremony at the organisation’s headquarters. Eses said the win has made Abdul Malek a millionaire in his native Bangladesh.

Abdul Malek said he intends to donate some of the money to charitable societies and orphanages in thekKingdom. "This is something dear to my heart," he added.

Source: [The Jordan Times ]

4 thoughts on “Domestic helper collects JD250,000 lottery prize”

  1. What are the chances that someone wins the lottery?
    What kind of hope do you say to someone like me who never bought a lottery ticket ? keep working until you die ?

  2. Given the way lottery is played in Jordan, the chances of any ticket being the winning ticket is 1/n; where n is the number of tickets sold (not printed).
    And for someone like you I say: “Go buy a a lottery ticket”

  3. Rianne Villezas

    i want to apply as a household of any country. pls help me…i am hard working and honest.

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