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The wreathIt has been two months since Christmas past and still the husband insists upon keeping the Christmas wreath on our front door. All my efforts to convince him to remove have been to no avail. One day with Amal’s assistance, I even took it off the door and hid it. It didn’t take the husband more than 10 minutes to find it and put it back up there. For some reason he can’t let go. We can’t keep a Christmas item on display forever, can we? Isn’t this supposed to bring bad luck or something?

I’ve about reached the end of my rope here, so I’m appealing to the Internet community at-large to convince my dear hubby to remove this decoration from our door. If you think I’m in the right here please make yourself heard. If you side with the husband then go away … kidding 😉 You can try to convince me if you must.

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  1. this reminds me of what my teta tells us each year during christmas. we have a 15 foot tree, and taking it down is an event in itself.
    she tells us to keep it up all year long because we would enjoy looking at it. then she says if we get sick of it, just cover it with plastic. does anyone know where i can get a 15 foot plastic bag?
    i digress.
    i tell teta, we cant keep it up all year long, because it then takes away the special feelings we have around christmas when we put up the tree. so, keeping up the wreath all year long will not make it special when chrsitmas time comes around. when its christmas, and you still have that darn wreath up, it wont feel like christmas. do u guys get my point?

  2. I agree–Christmas is special because of its seasonal, once-a-year frequency.
    Tell him to take the wreath to his office–his officemates will soon be sick of it.
    Or else–a last resort–just throw the damn thing out!

  3. hey u know what you should do natasha to make jeff see how u feel, put up a bunch of halloween, eater and any other holiday decorations.

  4. It’s almost March – you can’t have Christmas stuff up anymore! If he’s really into it, maybe you can convince him to hang it from the rear view mirror of his car. Or if he’s got his own office or something, he can hang it there. But not on the front door. Tacky. If that doesn’t work, I think you should leave the wreath up and then paint a picture of the Baby Jesus in the manger, maybe some blinking Christmas lights, Santa Clause, and everything else Christmas. Make it all or nothing! =)

  5. Well there’s a good target sign for the would-be Islamic extremists while they’re storming your “compound”! I mean with how long is it from Riyadh to Doha?
    That ought to do it Natasha 😉

  6. As a concerned neighbour I think it’s most def time for it to go… when I moved next door to the Tynes’ in January I thought, oh wow, what a nice festive touch… but I repeat that was in JANUARY, its practicaly March now, if you want your door to stand out from the others on the floor why didn’t you put up pink hearts for Valentines or a picture of a fluffy chick for Easter… Sorry to be Scrouge-like but Christmas is well and truly over.

  7. Speaking of the “wreath”, I am reminded of the “Wreath Road” that I drive by on my way to work. This is a one mile long arterial road that is surrounded with high and thick trees. I developed a habit when driving by at around 4:30 am at a speed of 40-50 pm, to turn off the headlights of my car at a section where there is no street lights, and no cars driving but me. Its a crazy habit, but awesome experience. Darkness is like nothing to describe, but I can’t go on for more than a second. Yee haa. I have to add, that this road crosses another road called “Military Road” which is where the Green River serial killer ( who murdered 48 ladies between 1983 and 2001 and was captured only last year )used to live. His story was on the news last year including aljazeera. This is a true story, and I hope it is intimidating enough when you think of the word “Wreath”.

  8. To those of you who’ve shown support (you know who you are) don’t worry, I’m not bending. To the scrooges out there, listen: You come live in the drab world that is Qatar, then come up into our little hallway and see if something as simple as a wreath on the door doesn’t put an extra bit o’ zip in your step.
    Ours is the only door painted that sort of brownish color as well. We didn’t do that, but I liked the distinction. And I like the wreath. It’s not so much that it’s a Christmas thing either, though that’s still cool with me. It’s just a little bit of life in an otherwise dead building.
    I’ve told the wife I’ll take it down without a fuss if she provides something else equal. We’re leaving soon, as well. So the whole “It’ll be around until Christmas, stealing all the Christmas juju” argument doesn’t hold water. We won’t be here next Christmas. The wreath should stay right where it is unless a suitable replacement is provided. My apologies to the neighbors 😉

  9. The Tynes stuborn streak is (in)famous! I suggest you stop talking about it and let it be. Eventually, Jeff will decide to remove it—but these Tynes men are also incurable romantics…surely you’ve noticed that by now. I think that’s why they are attracted to brilliant, independent women…just to balance themselves!
    Love, Aunt K [via transfer from LJ Syndicated feed]
    Or you might suggest getting a shadow box frame and letting Jeff create a collage with it about your first Christmas together…then it could hang on the wall…inside the apartment as ART.

  10. For several Christmases past we were away on Christmas Day and most of December, so only put up very minimal decorations and had no tree. However, December 2003 we had a ceiling high tree, all white lights, so beautiful and cozy that we left it up until April. It was a cheery spot in our dark house, and because I was involved with cancer from Jan03-Sep03 and often was sitting in that room resting, it stayed up until warm weather. The cat also liked to sleep under the warm lights.
    Our tree in 2004 went up just before Thanksgiving and is still up and shining. Hopefully, hubby and wife will get to see it before it comes down in the spring. If you ride around this town even now, you’ll see many people with their Christmas lights still shining, especially the white lights. They don’t take them down immediately like they did in years past.
    Natasha, you and Jeff will work this out in the best way possible, love, Mom

  11. Whoa, you two, you’ve heard from mom now!
    I’m with Jeff…it is a beautiful wreath, not necessarily Christmas-y or kitsch, and many people have wreaths up all year round. I have a grape-vine wreath up bistimraar.
    Linda, are you still looking for a bag for that tree? How about a wedding dress bag from the dry-cleaners?

  12. Beef Ore I read Hubby’s comments I was like “Go, dude, go” in total support of keeping the wreath on the door for as long as it takes.
    Then I took another look, saw how beautiful it was, read Hubby’s comments, and now have taken an entirely militaristic view of the situation.
    I am hereby calling on fellow wreath supporters to stand guard outside Apartment #12.
    Anyone attempting to take it down, pull a Zarqawi on em.
    Sorry, Natasha.

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