Month: March 2005

The latest at al-Ghad: Editor sacked

I can’t believe I missed this. I’m glad Abu Aardvark picked it up: Aljazeera reported that the editor-in-chief of the Jordanian newspaper al Ghad, Imad al Hmoud, was fired by the paper’s administrative council in light of the of al-Hilla bombing controversy. Abu Aardvark also indicated that the section editor in which the controversial story …

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An Um Qais afternoon

Here is a highlight from The Gallery, showing youths chilling in the late afternoon sun at the Greco-Roman site of Um Qais in northern Jordan. Have I mentioned that chilling is a trait highly cherished and skillfully mastered by many in this region?

Sexual miscoduct of Jordanian peacekeepers

Some bloggers have been discussing the alleged sexual misconduct of the Jordanian peacekeepers in East Timor for a while now and I must admit I’m extremely embarrassed and shamed by the scandal. I just hope these soldiers will be harshly punished for tarnishing the reputation of our country and people. There is a follow-up by …

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