Bedouin girls of Petra

Bedouin girls smile for the camera

I just love this picture. If you ever visit Petra, then prepare yourself for the Bedouin kids of Petra. They will be everywhere trying to sell tourists some small pebbles or other unique souvenir. What really impresses me about these kids is that they speak a minimum of six languages — perfectly. And I do mean perfectly! Since tourism is the source of their livelihood, they’ve made sure to learn the various languages spoken by visitors to this ancient site. Fascinating! Click the picture to visit the Gallery.

9 thoughts on “Bedouin girls of Petra”

  1. What a wonderful smile each girl shows in this picture!
    Why is it hard to scroll down or up on this page? The scroll arrows do not appear! I tried that on many computers.

  2. Which page are you referring to? Pop-up images show without any chrome, as it is referred to, meaning no scroll bars or menus. Are you finding that the main MM page does not have scroll bars. Please let me know specifically via email. We’ll get it fixed. Thanks!

  3. Well its good to see them speaking 6 languages, but its very sad to see jordanian kids in this shape
    I beleive our government have to help thos people instead of expanding amman buildings, it would be great if they add a tax and call it, Tax el janoob, I would be happy to pay it more than paying the doubled uni tax or any other stupid tax.

  4. Jad Madi, this is the most sensitive observation/remark I have seen on this blog; I envy you your sensibility towards others and wish we would have more Jordanians like you. Jordan would have been a much better place if it had more enlightened minds like yours. You see, anybody can get an education, but it takes sensitive souls to seek and, eventually, make change. And we wonder why Jordan remains such an undeveloped country despite the high percentage of its educated population!

  5. well its not sensibility nor sensivity, but I had a very bad experience in mafraq ( deer al kahf ) wadi rum, ma`an, aqaba and some other forgeten parts of jordan
    I believe Jordan is not amman, and Ammanian are not the only jordanian,
    development must be among the whole country not only in one city,
    What i’m thinking of is, How thos people will give jordan back when jordan didn’t give them any?

  6. They will not give Jordan anything back, and, once they get the chance to leave the country, they will, like many of us did. Jordan is not Amman, and Amman is not “Western” Amman either. There is so much that goes on in Jordan that unfortunately goes unnoticed and even neglected by many.

  7. Hey,
    Whoever took this picture, I am wondering what you said to the girls-especially the shorter one- to make her pose this wide amazing smile ! Ba3teeki imlabbaseh ?

  8. “Don’t ask what your country can give to you, ask what you can give to your country”. Give it “Goodbye”. !

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