Orry and I


Since I still can’t get over how ugly Orry is, I decided to take a picture with him just for the sake of it. For non-Qatari residents, Orry is the mascot that was chosen for the 2006 Asian Games that will be held in Doha. The organizers are proud of Orry:

Constructed over 40 days, the statue took no less than 400 litres of paint, nearly 8 tonnes of steel and 40 blocks of 2 x 8 x 16 foot polystyrene, to bring to life the embodiment and symbolic personality of the games.

This mammoth, hideous creature now occupies a very dominant place along Doha’s lovely Corniche. Right next to him is a huge digital clock counting down the number of days, hours and minutes remaining until the games begin. Neat idea, but Orry is just ugly, ugly, ugly!

15 thoughts on “Orry and I”

  1. Ahmed,
    You have to see him up, close and personal to realize how ugly he is;-) If it was up to me I will not choose an Oryx for a mascot and will definitely not call him “Orry”

  2. Ahmad,
    It is definately Jeff’s great photography that makes ‘Orry’ look half-decent. It’s as hideous as Natasha describes.

  3. What’s so hideous? The size? So what do you think of the smaller Orry statues in the malls nowadays? I really like those.

  4. lol d4v3 your right why the heck did that girl take a pic with Orry if she doesnt like him 😛 Orry is really cute actually cuter than “”HER”” ,,,i dont really care i swear i dont wanna get pissed over her calling orry ugly,,, if you have nothing good to say about Cute Orry then dont say nothing at all i swear people like you freakin piss me off

  5. hehe , they should have let me to design one ^^
    yeah he was ugly , but we will miss him 🙁 and we will miss the Asian games 2.
    It is once in a life time 🙁
    I like your blogs, thanx alot 4 writing such blogs about my country 🙂
    keep it up

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