Union activities poll results

Union vote results

These are the final results from the last Mental Mayhem vote on union political activities

It was a hot topic and so it follows that there was more or less a tie between those for and those against limiting the unions’ actions, with some 46% secured by each.

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By Natasha Tynes

I’m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. First of all Linda, this article is not really informative. To know more about the saga of the professional unions, you can go back to our earlier discussions here.
    As I said before, I fully support the government on this one.

  2. well you know me and my stance on unions. they are very important to have. instead of trying to curb them there should be rules and regulations set as to how unions work. there are many great examples of how unions work in the U.S.

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