Boy steals dad’s salary to woo TV star

Ok, enough politics! This one is fun.

A seven-year-old Jordanian boy stole his father’s hard-earned salary to buy prepaid phone cards to vote for his favourite female candidate on a TV reality show, Petra news agency reported. Jamal was so enamoured by Algerian candidate Salma al-Ghazali, who appears on the Star Academy reality show on Lebanon’s LBCI satellite channel, that he decided to steal his father’s salary to pay for his declaration of love.

According to Petra, the boy stole his father’s modest salary – 420 dinars ($588) – and bought prepaid telephone cards, which he generously distributed to youths on condition they call and vote for Salma. After frantically searching for the envelope with his hard-earned cash, Jamal’s father was tipped off by a neighbour who had seen the boy handing out phone cards to his mates.

The father was able to recover $394 after cashing in phone cards that his son had not yet distributed, the agency said.

Source: [Jordan Times]

4 thoughts on “Boy steals dad’s salary to woo TV star”

  1. I dont like star academy. none of the people on the show know how to sing.
    but this boy is too cute for words. hehehehe. i wonder what his father did to him when he found out. i can only imagine.

  2. Hahahahahah
    No comment on how much of the father’s belt was worn on the kid’s rear end?

  3. Fantastic. Go Jamal.
    My mom taught all her friends’ kids how to send texts to vote during the Karazon frenzy. Needless to say, her friends were not amused.
    Malhas 🙂

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