SawAs proof of my film obsession confession, we watched yet another movie last night. The film of choice was horror flick Saw. It was okay. The plot was engaging but the acting was really not up to par.

Although the ending had a very nice twist, the movie failed to scare me. I did not jump — not even once — and I’m known to scare easily. What’s the point of renting a scary movie if you don’t get freaked out? Isn’t it money wasted?

Ok, I should not be that harsh. Overall, the movie was a nice distraction and a fine bit of entertainment. If you have some time to kill, rent this movie. I give it 6/10.

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  1. I thought this movie sucked, big-time. Sorry sweetie 😉 I was a bit hyped about it because of some rumor and press about the “tension” and “graphic nature” of the violence, not that I’m a fan of the latter. But Cary Elwes acting was absolute crap. His breakdown moment that gave the movie its title was a joke and the makeup he wore was clownish.
    And the gore factor? There were some disturbing scenes with a toilet that was mated to a pretty weak — although trying for more — moment with a saw, a shotgun blast and some insinuated gruesomeness from past horrors. These days CSI is as explicit.
    The whole thing was just overcooked crap. The story was poorly implemented with this sad little twist at the end. The whole visual look of the film fell flat. They were going for David Fincher’s “Seven.” That film made you feel dirty just sitting in your easy chair. Saw just didn’t get there. The lack of any real story, no real horror tension, poorly realized visuals and the crap acting of Elwes made this a real stinker. Elwes only great moment in the acting world seems to have been in The Princess Bride. And I had hope too.
    I can’t believe people were sucked in by this little turd of a film. There are fan groups around it. I can only figure those ‘fans’ don’t know horror. Recent releases like The Grudge were so much better. My advice: keep away, keep very far away.

  2. It seems most horror films are just slight variations on the same theme. I do like the “Chucky” series of films about the possessed doll. At least its funny.

  3. Saw

    We just finished watching “Saw”, and damn that was one creepy thriller scary movie. Just the fact that someone can come up with such sick ideas is scary, lol. I don’t want to get into details and burn the movie idea for you, so here’s just a little ove…

  4. i thought saw was alright if my memory serves me well. i don’t think it was meant to be this ultimate horror show or even a thrill ride. it was more of an independent flick with an interesting idea.
    think blair witch perhaps

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