Al-Ghad article explodes in Iraq

In case you have not heard the news, the ramifications of al-Ghad’s irresponsible journalism continue to reverberate.

Jordanian flag burning IraqisThousands of Iraqi Shi’ ites protested Monday after hearing reports that relatives of a Jordanian suicide bomber suspected of killing 125 people in the town of Hilla celebrated him as a martyr.

After breaking into the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad and tearing down the flag, protesters called on all foreign Arabs to leave the country and then denounced Jordan’s King Abdullah.

The journalist that wrote the story has also found himself in trouble with the law. According to Petra news agency (the state news agency), the interior minister announced that the reporter, Hadi al Nsour, was arrested for "publishing false information that harmed the country." Personally, I think it shouldn’t be the journalist alone that takes all the blame. There had to have been a page editor and there should have been a managing editor that allowed this monstrosity to be published.

Flag burning closeupThis all developed because of one tiny inflammatory article published in a new daily that is trying desperately to be “controversial." Amazing no? This likely would not have happened several years ago when the Arabic media published inciting articles regularly but got away with it. Things are no longer the same due to modern technology. If this didn’t teach al-Ghad a lesson, I don’t know what will.

It really is a scandal and a major embarrassment to each and every Jordanian. We say in Arabic "Fada7oona alla yefda7hom," or "they scandalized us,
May God scandalize them." And this is exactly what the suicide bomber,
his family and al-Ghad did to us! They tarnished our reputation. On a personal note, today an Iraqi Shia acquaintance
approached me saying: "What, you guys are celebrating? Natasha, I’m
going to kill you!" He was joking, fortunately.

With regard to the demonstrations, what’s with the the Star of David painted [see picture] on this particular Jordanian flag? On Aljazeera I even saw a report showing an Iraqi holding a banner decrying the "Jordanian (Israeli) Government." Does everything in this region have to be a ‘Zionist conspiracy?’ Grow up people!

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    Natasha Tynes is reporting on an unreported story in the mainstream press that I’m finding particularly interesting. You may all remember a few thousand Iraqis protesting against the insurgents when a car bomber blew up a couple hundred Iraqis. Natasha…

  2. The Arab masses are still largely ignorant. We are very emotional people who do not stop for a second to think rationally with the pieces of crap we carry in our skulls. The mental midget who scribbled the Al-Ghad story wrote it for the people with the same level of intelligence as the ones who demonstrated in response to it. In this instance, I blame the wiser Iraqi opinion leaders for allowing the situation to exacerbate. But then there are a few who have their own anti-Jordan agendas whether this article was published or not.

  3. Bruce Wechsler

    Dear Ms. Twal:
    Regarding your request for people to “grow up” and stop inferring a Zionist conspiracy in every situation, you may want to consider modifying the graphic of the Jordanian flag at the top of your web page (i.e., expose more of the star’s seven points). To me, it looks rather much like the bottom half of the Star of David, and I wouldn’t want you to be accused of supporting the tiny democracy west of Jordan (unless, of course, that’s what you intended). Also, could you explain the significance of the seven-pointed star on the Jordanian flag?
    Bruce W.

  4. Very true Iyas. Did you see what Metalordie’s said on an earlier post? He said that an Iraqi source told him that these demonstrations were encouraged by Ahmad Chalabi, who as you know is wanted in Jordan.
    Don’t know if this is true, but it makes you wonder, don’t you think?

  5. Interesting times in Lebanon!

    Once again, the decent folks of Lebanon are flooding the streets, waving flags, and generally putting on a good impression of a respectable mass movement.Estimates of the crowd are running from 800,000 to more than twice that.

  6. My dear dear Natasha, there is no Zionist conspiracy. You very well know, if that Jordanian family was celebrating the deaths of slain Israelis or Americans, the Jordanian government would be all over the matter, the celebrators would be arrested, probably even handed over, and the Jordanian public (and media) would be ferociously decrying the act for days.
    But in the case of Iraqis (Shiite Iraqis), the Jordanian gov., or the paper in question, doesn’t even bother to issue an apology for the grievance your citizens have caused hundreds of Iraqi families (many many more). They are after all rafidha, no? And we’ve all heard the prejudiced statements of your American-bred ‘king’ against Iraqi Shiites.
    I hope the families of the victims sue the Jordanian gov., maybe even take the case to international courts, for all it’s worth. After all, your whole country has only prospered these last twenty years on the expense of Iraqi blood.
    There are Iraqis now in my country calling for retaliation, for murdering Jordanians and Palestinians working or residing in Iraq in accord to our time honoured Arab tradition, for sending out a squad to murder Banna’s family and tribesmen in El Salt. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.
    Maybe that would be a bit extreme, but I would fully support cutting off diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries.
    Actions have consequences, my dear Natasha. I’ve been to your country and I’ve heard the abuse and I’ve gauged the hatred. Your country still provides asylum to criminals who have murdered my people. You can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time my dear.
    I have full respect for you and your writings. But unfortunately, this is not enough. You have to do a little more to prove to us that you are still worthy to be called our ‘Arab brothers’.

  7. With regard to the flag situation, the Jordanian flag does have seven points instead of six, like that showing the picture. You can compare between the Star of David here and the Jordanian flag here.
    The seven points on the star symbolize seven verses in the opening surah (called al-Fatiha) of the Quran. They are also said to represent seven principles: faith in a single creator, national spirit, humility, humanity, social justice, aspirations and virtue.
    We’ll see what we can do about that banner just for you there Bruce.
    Regarding an apology and so forth, you are singing to the choir here Iraqi Blogger. Please don’t take the author of this blog to task so directly, as she has been highlighting the problem, drawing attention to it from around the globe and pushing for just such an apology and for ramifications for those that are reponsible.

  8. Hey Bruce since when we started shooting the messenger? I am waiting for an apology from you.

  9. Ladies and gentleman…
    Iraqi blogger, please, you talk as if Iraqis are saintly.Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Let’s see. How do Iraqis treat an African in Iraq?
    How do they treat a Yemeni? Please explain why the word yemeni is used in reference to “old shoe”.
    Actions have consequences? Whoa there, maybe we will see the flattening of Baghdad in response to what happened in Falluja.
    Actions have consequences…Iraqis who wanted this invasion can now reap its fruits. Choke on it.
    Jordan made money off of Iraqi blood, that’s true, but because Saddam’s government wanted it that way. And the current puppet mangy dogs in Iraq want it that way.
    As for suing govenments, why not start with the Iranian government for its meddling and various assassinations in Iraq? Or the Turkish secret services playing havoc in the north?
    Or the Syrians, or the Saudis. How about the Kuwaitis who stripped Iraq of materiel and encouraged the looting? Dude, why stop there? Go all the way and sue the damn yankees, the snifling, roach-infested Brits, the Poles, the Ukrainians, the Italians.
    If you have bitterness towards Jordanians, then you should have it for all Arabs vis a vis the Iraq situation for the past 25 years.
    Focusing on Jordan in this way is not fair.

  10. Natasha, I think I had metalordie’s comment somewhere in the back of my head when I typed the last line but I consciously avoided referring to Chalabi or others in my comment.
    Iraqi blogger, people need to stop sticking religion up everything’s ass. The whole region is F*ed up because we attribute everything to religion. We have a murder and victims. He may blown himself up because he hates Shiites. The fact that you accuse the Jordanian gov and the newspaper of not doing anything (which is not entirely true BTW) has nothing to do with that though. Emphasizing “Shiite Iraqis” in your comment greatly diminished its already insignificant value. Your “honored” Arab tradition is one that probably worked a few thousand years ago but in today’s world we have laws, something you should look forward to respect once things settle down in Iraq. I suggest we stick such “honored” traditions up Zarqawi’s ass. Oh, when you say the past 20 years, do you mean the time Iraq could not do any trade through the northern Kurdish/Turkish borders, the eastern Iranian borders or the southern Kuwaiti/Saudi ones? If you lived in Iraq during that time, you should be grateful the tea you used to drink and the aspirin you took for your headache from all the mess was allowed to pass through Jordan!
    And Jeff, you are such a nice person to respond to a question that could have been answered by a simple Google search.

  11. I agree with metalordie (scary, this is the second time I say this in a week)
    Let’s not turn this into an ugly case of nationalism because we both can argue about it for hours until we both start coming up with examples we don’t even believe in to support our claims.
    The case again (and I am not downplaying the horrid act): A murder, victims, ignorant family, irresponsible journalism, and arguably slow governmental reaction that did not cope with today speed of information transfer.

  12. lol everyone has to put the blame on someone else. i think to myself we fail to realise we are all in the same boat of misery that is sinking faster than our guilt trips. iraqis, jordanians, palestinians, syrians etc, the same color of blood is running so theres no logic in standing still and discriminating which blood is whose.
    but more importantly, when it comes to this article.
    i think from an objective point of view (as far as that can stand) that the article was not fueling hate or anything it just lacked the required objectivity when it comes to this incident. Specially in iraq.
    they should, upon hearing such news in my opinion, lean neither to the left nor right, neither support it nor denounce it…simply…report it. i can acknowledge biases exist especially in jordan but with journalism i expect one has to know the full story before writing its conclusion.

  13. one more thing about the stars…
    i think its disgraceful on anyone of any nationailty to do that to the star which is a representation of islam, especially if they are muslims attempting to burn it.
    some people dont think before they act on their whims…especially the socio-political ones

  14. Iyas,
    Oh, the pain. Agreeing with me twice in one week must take a toll on you.
    Try some aspirin and sleep it off.
    = )

  15. Iraqi blogger, I’m very surprised by your attacks on Jordan when it was among the first countries to condemn the terrorist attacks in Iraq. Did you forget that Jordan strongly condemned the Hilla attack? You can not unleash your anger on a whole country just because one disillusioned lunatic decided to blow himself up and kill innocent Iraqis.
    If you really want to vent why not save some for Syria, for example, for keeping its borders open for all the Arab fighters coming from Yemen, Syria and Saudi that cross into Iraq over Syrian borders? Or why not vent at Saudi for allowing imams to preach Jihad?
    Iraqi national TV showed these foreign fighters confessing, a majority saying they came from Syria. How many terrorists were from Jordan? It seems few compared to the Sudanese, Saudis and Syrians, no?
    Jordan has been clear from the beginning on the issue of border control. It has not and will never open its borders for those lunatic jihadis. How this guy managed to get into Iraq is beyond me.
    Isn’t Jordan also the place where Iraqis find a safe haven? Have you been to Jordan lately? It is jam-packed with Iraqis and Jordan is among the very few countries that accepted them. I think all Iraqis should be grateful for what Jordan has provided and continues to provide both before and after this most recent war.
    Yes, al-Ghad made a horrible mistake and I was among the first people expressing my anger and condemnation. Don’t lash out at me just because I happen to be Jordanian. This is wrong and very racist actually! Your enemies are not Jordanians, trust me. Your enemy is extremism in general. Jordanians and Iraqis have always been on good terms — at least on a personal level. Actually, in Jordan they are well-respected and everyone sympathizes with their cause. I understand your anger, but you make little headway throwing baseless accusations in my direction.

  16. Here ya go:
    Arabs targeted:
    Arabs targeted in Iraq – From Yahoo News
    notice the reference to Al-Iraqiya, funded by the US…and the new “free” Iraqi newspapers…
    I’m all for non-Iraqi fighters out of Iraq…but to target people who have lived there for years and suffered as the Iraqis have suffered is pure racism…
    Oh, the Iraqis have learned nothing yet. Woe, woe…

  17. Okay confession time. I have no life except Natasha’s blog.
    I hate her for it…cos…staring at the wall in this city…is much…more…funnyyyierest.

  18. It must be that time of night..
    Hey Natasha, in one of the pictures, the way you are holding the golf club makes it look like you are prospecting for water.

  19. I am being paid to sit on my behind and pretend like I am “analyzing” data today. But for me this is funnier in engaging in the ongoing conversation in the lab about “salvation”. I hate Utah…

  20. Metalordie. I didn’t say anywhere that Iraqis are saintly. However, I have never heard of any Iraqis celebrating the murder of Jordanians, or any other Arabs for instance, or crossing the borders to blow themselves up in Jordan. Whereas you send us hundreds of Zarqawis and Bannas every day to murder Iraqis in the name of your Jihad, claiming to fight Americans and Israel, while your puppet leaders protect the Israeli border on its side. Dude, don’t throw stones.
    I can now understand why Israel would want to build a wall around it’s borders. I only wish we could do the same but alas.
    As to the Iraqi reference to ‘yemeni’ it is because that particular kind of shoe came to Iraq originally from yemen, the reference has nothing to do with Yemenis. And if you have been to Iraq you would have been amazed with our sense of hospitality. We wouldn’t have hosted hundreds of thousands of Egyptians, Palestinians, Yemenis and Sudanis if we were what you claim.
    I’m also amused that you would talk about our puppets (and most of them are actually), when you have an American-bred king in Amman who would do anything to serve his American and Israeli masters, and who’s ancestors were installed by the British.
    By the way, what do you know about what happened in Falloja other than from your highly reputed news sources? And what gives you the right to judge?
    iyas, when i mentioned time honoured traditions I was doing so sarcastically, I leave that to your primitive co citizens who blow themselves up inmy country and then celebrate it back home under the eys and nose of your gov. Ok, what was the response of your government besides the official statement. Free speech? I don’t hear any newspapers criticizing the king, or is free speech reserved to such acts of barbarism?
    Nas thinks one should neither denounce nor support. And then states that it is a disgrace for iraqis to burn the islamic star. Dude, what kind of islam do you follow? it’s horrible for a muslim to burn an islamic star but it’s fine to murder hundreds of innocent muslims in the name of islam?
    I prefer Shakir El Nabulsi’s reaction to the event. He is Saltese by the way. A simple condemnation would have done. After all we do condemn other iraqis who call for violence or celebrate it every day.
    And asking us to be grateful to you? Dude, you do make me laugh.

  21. The article in al-Ghad was certainly an example of bad journalism, and Natasha should be congratulated for translating it and calling it to the world’s attention. Nevertheless, the reaction to the article was certainly fueled by much deeper resentments on the part of Iraqis, especially Shii Iraqis, to Jordan’s schizophrenic approach to their country. Examples include King Hussein’s fence sitting in 1990, flagrant sanctions busting oil for trade deals during the 1990s, providing a safe haven for Saddam Hussein’s family members and other ex-regime elements, and King Abdullah’s recent comments about a Shiite threat to the region. In my opinion, Jordan has to figure out where it stands and stop trying to play a balancing game.

  22. Iraqi Blogger,
    Read past posts and having discussion about Iraq, I would feel safe to say that metalordie is Iraqi. HE has said it many times. You refer to him as a Jordanian, and I don’t think he is. Just reporting the facts.
    Then you state, “Nas thinks one should neither denounce nor support. And then states that it is a disgrace for iraqis to burn the islamic star. Dude, what kind of islam do you follow?”
    Nas was actually referring to JOURNALISTS and stated, “they should, upon hearing such news in my opinion, lean neither to the left nor right, neither support it nor denounce it…simply…report it. i can acknowledge biases exist especially in jordan but with journalism i expect one has to know the full story before writing its conclusion.”
    So, Nas was not referring to all Muslims, he was referring to reporters.
    Okay, not that we got the facts out of the way, here is my view on this whole thing. For those who do not know, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, Parents from Jordan and I am Catholic. I think it was important to mention who I am so someone does not automatically assume I am Iraqi, Muslim, or a Zionist 🙂
    But reading all of these posts and seeing what is going on in the Arab world makes me sad. Everyone here knows about my philosophy about being positive and working hard for social change. But before you can do that you need to state the problem. And when I state the problem, this question comes to mind: If the Arab world cannot even get along with each other, how do we expect to have peace with Israelis? This is the biggest thing that is messed up with us Arabs. The problem is that these same fights and arguments happen here among Arab Amercans, even among Jordanians in L.A. I believe there are about five Jordanian American Associations in Southern California, and the reason why is because they can’t get along so they go and start their own. You guys, if we all joined hands, stopped referring to religion and stopped being so Nationalistic, so many great things can happen for Arab world.

  23. Linda, thanks for clarifying it for iraqi_blogger, sometime i feel people force a misunderstanding. i also agree with u about disagreements in our community…our ship has a hole in it and we’re standing around pointing fingers while it sinks.
    IraqiBlogger, as I said and Linda repeated for you, I was refering to journalistic integrity. I agree with the majority here that the journalist is to blame for writing such a bias article but not for the same reasons. Yes it may encourage jordanians to go over there but more importantly im getting back to the core of it all; journalism should at least make an attempt to be objective…it should at least be an aim. Who knows though, i don’t know this journalist nor have i followed his writing. It’s likely he may have been given such and such information and wrote it off as a martyr operation as most media in the arab world does. Either way this is what i am saying about journalism and it’s integrity, they must uphold a level or accountability and responsibility.
    As for the Jordanian. Like Ive been saying all along to people here, we should not jump to unfounded conclusions. Most here condemned him to hell before any updates arrived. If this man is indeed this man is Jordanian and indeed killed my shi3a brothers then he is in the wrong without a doubt irregardles of his nationality. Rest assured he does not represent the majority of Jordanians, we seek only liberation for Iraq and not an American occupation nor the immoral, illogical and more importantly HARAM death of our shi3a brethern.
    With that aside, it is nevertheless wrong to replace the 7 pointed star of the surat il fate7a with a star of david and then burn the flag. A few bad apples do not represent the majority, if the did Bin Laden’s army would out-number the american population and thank God it does not

  24. People, thanx for clarifying to Iraqi blogger that I am Iraqi.
    But maybe he would like to build a racist wall around himself and not listen.
    The bubble just shattered, dude.
    It’s funny you keep referring to me as a Jordanian. And oh, the puppets in Iraq are not worth King Abdallah’s shoes. One is an agent of the west brought in from a cultured and well-established family who seeks the welfare of his people.
    The puppets are like roaches, rats, vultures feeding off Iraq for their own welfare and not that of the people. What country in the world REFUSES to investigate the number of it killed civilians?
    Where were these Rolex-wearing bastards when we suffered through the Iraq-Iran war, or the sanctions, when we buried loved ones because of lack of medicines?
    Oh, sorry, they were cavorting with their Iranian overlords in the Badr Brigades in Tehran, or being dined, wined, and swined by their American masters in such hotels as George V in Paris and London.
    Please, King Abdallah over these murderers any day.

  25. Linda,
    It is a sad fact that we always disagree with others . We do not even agree whether a mass murderer is bad or good. I am certain if the title of the post is (1+1=2) , you will find those who would argue .

  26. Ok Nas, my bad. I misunderstood your intent, but I would still say that burning flags (any flags whether they carry stars of david or stars of islam or whatever) is the same. The Jordanian flag is not any holier than the flag of Israel or the U.S.A. National flags are just refined versions of colored tribal flags imho. They are not holy.
    And then you say one should not jump to conclusions and rush to condemn the Jordanian terrorist. I admire your sensibility, but would you be willing to extend that courtesy to others or are you selective? I wonder.
    You say you seek the liberation of Iraq. I too seek the liberation of Jordan from its corrupt leadership and its American lackeys.
    Linda, the Arab world does not want to get along with each other. If it did, we would not be having this conversation right now. Instead we would have been something like the EU (not Gamal Nasser’s united Arab republic). Maybe it is for the best interest of all Arabs to not get along, when we have Arabs blowing up other Arabs, and other Arabs throwing accusations of takfeer, takhween and 3amala into others faces. Pot meet kettle. I suggest for other Arabs to take a good look at themselves before.
    Metalordie, I am disappointed to hear that you are Iraqi. By the way, “racist” doesn’t apply to me in this case. Iraqis are not a distinct race (neither are Jordanians for that matter).
    I did agree with you in regard to Iraqi puppets (i.e. Chalabi, Hakeem, Ja3fari) and I share your condemnation of them, but I can also understand why you would defend Abdallah when he offers safe haven to Iraqi criminals who have murdered their own people.
    And you still haven’t told me why Abdallah sticks to his Zionist and American friends and protects their borders and interests? Maybe I can remind you of black september and dozens of other incidents.
    Funny how you keep referring to Iran. What are you afraid of? the Shiite crescent? although I am not religious and I am not a fan of the Iranian mullahs, but they are just like everyone else in the region, looking out for their own interests on the expense of Iraqis.

  27. Iraqi Blogger, no problem, misunderstandings happen. You’re right no flag is holy, but they are representations and personfications of things which are. Such as the green flag of islam. Note that the jordanian flag is not tribal, the colours represent the islamic empire and the star is the 7 ayat from surat il fate7a. Jordan is not lead by a corrupt leader, you are entitled to your opinion but it dosn’t make it true.
    As for the person who killed those shi3a, i’m not being selective, if you read that other blog thread here you would see that i was merely pointing out that we should not jump to unfounded conclusion during an ongoing war where information is very limited and miscommunicated to the masses, the result of which we’ve seen unfold through natasha’s updates here. It dosnt matter what nationality he was, to kill innocent people is wrong and to do it in the name of islam is worse, irregardless of his passport. Why would you want to descriminate the origin of the result is the same?
    Again, we dont know who he is or where he was from. Everything else is just conclusions

  28. Dude, Iraqiblogger, like I care a hoot whether you are disappointed I am Iraqi or not.
    That IS testimony to your racism and prejudice. Iraqis MUST conform to your notion of the world, otherwise you are disappointed in them.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk, once again Iraqis have learned nothing in the past three decades.
    Your political acumen is equal to that of a 16-year-old, full of cum, piss and vinegar as the saying goes.
    Quit being so passionate, take a step back, a deep breath, and then another, and look at the big picture.
    I stand by what I said. Your focus on Jordan is unfair.
    If you have read anything I have posted here in the past six months, hell, you’re in for a lot of disappointments.
    Grow up and move on.

  29. Interesting times in Lebanon!

    Once again, the decent folks of Lebanon are flooding the streets, waving flags, and generally putting on a good impression of a respectable mass movement.Estimates of the crowd are running from 800,000 to more than twice that.

  30. Interesting times in Lebanon!

    Once again, the decent folks of Lebanon are flooding the streets, waving flags, and generally putting on a good impression of a respectable mass movement.Estimates of the crowd are running from 800,000 to more than twice that.

  31. IB – Black September was about internal control and stability.
    Zionist conspiracies controlling King Abdullah that is ridiculous. I will phone him tonight and order him to eliminate anyone who says that.

  32. Does everything in this region have to be a ‘Zionist conspiracy?’

    Unfortunatly is does. It is the only thing that unites the region. It will never end and I’m sure we all know why.

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