This is just cool!

Le Pain Nu

I have been following a really cool book blog entitled Moorish Girl for a while now and it got its hooks in me. This morning I was checking it when I found that the blog’s author, Leila, was giving away one of her favorite novels, Le Pain Nu by Mohamed Choukri, to the first person that e-mailed her asking for the book. So I got right in there. To my surprise, I was the lucky winner.

She just e-mailed me asking for my address. Isn’t this so cool! I just love the blogosphere. It keeps getting better and better by the day.

14 thoughts on “This is just cool!”

  1. Wait for it. Natasha is going to be called anti-literary for asking for a book or something insane like that.
    you book nazi you!

  2. Damn it, why do I never get free stuff? Let alone, free stuff on blogs! The closest I got to free stuff online was free shipping and $2.27 off of my purchase at Amazon (for having answered so many dumb questions about Amazon’s service in the past at 10 cents/correct answer, but that’s before I discovered blogging as an e-activity)
    What am to say? I guess, mabrook is the word for the occasion. Hope it changes your mood after such a long day…

  3. Oh wow cool 🙂 I love the internet.. Enjoy reading it Natasha 🙂 After the whole Jo deal, I logged onto their website and there was this British Airways competition, so I gave it a shot and we won a ticket to London!

  4. 🙁 i never win anything too. okay, i won a spelling contest like in the first grade and from there, i thought i was a great speller and though i would never have to practice my spelling. errr. thus i am now a bad speller and still never win anything. wait i won those wango tango tickets from KIIS fm and got to see areosmith and the beegees. but thats it.

  5. great book.. i just read the arabic translation about a month ago..which i bought from the recent book fair here in Muscat.. i loved it… hope u enjoy reading it as well… make sure to get the second part of the book الشاطر
    for bread alone translates into الخبز الحافي

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