White Noise

White NoiseIf you thought The Grudge, The Ring or even Saw were scary flicks, then to keep your heart intact I advise you not to watch White Noise.

It freaked the hell out of me. I think the last time I was that scared was probably when I watched The Exorcist, which, in my humble opinion, is still the scariest movie of all time.

White Noise deals with the concept of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), which is supposedly the method through which the dead connect with the living to send certain messages. I had never heard of EVP before, something that made the movie very engaging for me. I’m not sure why the critics were hard on this flick, as I thought it was well made and the performance by Michael Keaton was not bad. I would give it 7/10.

If you are in the mood to scare yourself to death and maybe mess with your mind by thinking of ways that you can communicate with the dead, then this movie is for you.

13 thoughts on “White Noise”

  1. no i dont think i want to see it. i hate scary movies. they do crazy things to me. if i watch it, later on, like when im downsatirs all by my self and everyone is sleeping, and i turn off all the lights to go to bed, i feel like someone is running after me when i go up the stairs so i run fast to my room and jump in my bed. not good.

  2. I’m a big wussy. I can’t stand scary movies. I always think someone creature is going to show up and molest me in a bad way.
    Did you ever see the Blair Witch project? Not Movie was Awesome!! Super-scary, but definitely must see. Of course, in the months following, I was scared to death to go into the forest at night.

  3. Actually Arash, as a physicist, I can tell you matter can neither be created nor destroyed.
    Re-packaged, maybe.
    But I protest. Using Natasha as a gauge for how horrifying a horror flick is simply unreasonable.
    She is easily scared.
    Trust me.

  4. If you guys really want a horror flick, try renting the 1923 version of Nosferatu, use of black and white film and the play on shadows.
    That is actually one of the Ring’s best points, use of black and white. It is life/death, good/evil metaphor.

  5. white noise, the grudge and the ring are some of the worst horror movies ever made. the idea behind white noise is excellent simply because i like x-file-type themes, but thats about it. keaton has to do another batman movie

  6. I’m not easily scared, the only thing that really freaks me out and makes me jump and shake in fear is the sight of a cockroach….that is scary!

  7. Natasha am thinking of writing a screenplay called CRAWL about cockroaches which slowly, quietyly crawl up your side as you lie sleeping, unaware that a carpet of them has come to rest at the foot of your bed.
    hehehe…she’s gonna get nightmares…

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