Doha blast daylight photos

This morning I took my camera and headed to the blast site. I saw the damaged theater, a large number of local police in addition to some crime scene investigators. The blast was extremely powerful, as evidenced by the damage to the adjacent buildings. My full updated report is here; the deceased has been confirmed as Briton Jonathan Adams.

Glass was all over the street across from the theater and some house windows were shattered. It was a nasty scene! A number of the neighborhood cars were also damaged. The residents I spoke with were still shaken by last night’s blast and couldn’t believe that this was happening in relatively quiet Doha. Officials are now indicating that the bomber was an Egyptian national named Omar Ahmed Abdullah (Click here for photo). The Egyptian embassy is investigating the claim.

Here are some pictures of the blast site and the damage it caused to adjacent buildings. All images enlarge on click.

A blast-damaged BMW

A BMW damaged by the blast and resultant shrapnel awaits a tow-away.

Vip stop

A senior security official (in white) checks in on the continuing investigation.

Site cleanup

A crane is moved in to remove the larger debris, as the site is excavated.

Blast damaged neighborhood home

Damage to the front of a neighbor’s home where numerous windows were broken.

Investigation continues

Security and forensics officials continue to comb through the blast debris.

Blast shrapnel

A neighbor displays shrapnel found in the street after the blast.

Update: Additional information on the blast, including claims of responsibility and details on the bomber and deceased have been determined. They are further expounded upon in a new post here.

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    A terrorist attack recently occurred in the Qatari capital of Doha; and blogger Natasha Tynes was right in the neighborhood! How terrifying is that? Make sure to read her account.
    UPDATE: She has some post-blast thoughts up and will be updating with…

  2. A picture is worth thousand of words. Look at the bright side Natasha; the bomber is not Jordanian.

  3. Rocking the Dhow

    Summabitch, I’d love to see an improvement on the status quo as much as the next guy, but for crying out loud, these dicks don’t offer A SINGLE Thing I cold live with….

  4. Life and death are but fleeting images of one another.
    But if you thought this would scare the expat community in Doha, oh boy, no such luck. They were out in full force Sunday night at their usual haunts…
    And hey Aljazeera is saying the Egyptian guy was an engineer.
    Guess education is a deterrent to diddly.

  5. Terrorists are often from the educated classes, either because the universities serve as indoctrination places or because maybe they are the only ones “smart” enough to rationalize how that makes sense.

  6. SEX.
    That’s it. The solution. Let’s take this Egyptian engineer guy. Let’s say he met some big mama who helped him come into bliss (pun? whatever rox ur boat, baby).
    Do you really thing the next thing on his mind is to blow himself up? Nah, he would want another round with el foxy chiquita.
    Sounds crass? Yeah, sure, whatever, but how much hatred for God and all His creations must you have to kill yourself and others? I have been saying this for the past few years. Satanism has roosted in Arabia.
    These people whoreship the devil. Yes, typo intended.

  7. Oh, fuck this.
    Even sex won’t do it. The Egyptian guy was a father of two. Come on, Arabia wake the hell up. Where on earth does it say in ANY holy or unholy scripture to orphan your kids?
    I am astounded. I have been saying this (as well) for a few years, Arabs are the the filth that you get get want to scrape the bottom of the barrel.
    Being hard on Arabs, or myself? Hell, some introspection is needed, hard introspection. Dang, this is starting to sound like my blog.
    Meanwhile, oh whatever…

  8. The leaders of Arab countries need to change.
    True democracy should be in place.
    There needs to be seperation of religion and state.
    The culture needs modernize with the times.

  9. I must say that was good reporting! This incident was more serious than I first thought.
    Terrorism is like cancer. It’s starts small then spreads rapidly. Bombs do not discriminate between people, animals or property. Once a successful bombing occurs others will follow. I noticed the bomb did a lot of damage to surrounding property (imagine if a child was close to the blast). The terrorists tend to first target western people but when that is not possible they attack anyone they deem associated with westerners.
    Who is next? Will it be the police? A politicians associated with the west? Or even the ruling leaders in Qatar? In the terrorist’s eyes they are all possible targets. Terrorism is an industry that feeds hatred and fear. Once the cycle of fear and hatred starts is difficult to stop.

  10. Watching Egyptian media.
    They are bending over backwards apologizing and blasting this Egyptian engineer. They keep saying the Egyptians in Qatar are law-abiding and love you, etc.
    Can you imagine what would happen if Qatar kicked them out? Unlikly, but bad, bad, bad. Apparently, Egyptian security is saying this man had no connection with Al-Qaida or any religious extremist movement.
    They claim he was recruited from abroad. However, they did no clarify.

  11. Jeff and Natasha, glad you are ok. I remember that feeling of fear before the war when neighbors set our garden on fire and threw eggs and rocks at my kids. Even after we moved our car tire was slashed and our front window shot through. In Jordan, not far from your mom’s. Do be careful.
    There was a larger than normal military pesence out yesterday in Amman, does anyone know why? The police had on their helmets and the jeeps had loaded machine guns aimed at the traffic.

  12. natasha, I am happy to see that you are posting. our thoughts are with you, very sad that these acts have come to your city. it is hard to understand that an educated person could do something like this. i hope and pray that no more of these are committed, anywhere to anyone. peace to all, soon please.

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