Jordanian blogger feature out

Finally, the feature I wrote about the Jordanian blogging community has seen the light of day, published over this past weekend (the Fri-Sat print edition) and available online here.

The original plan was to publish it in Jo magazine, but they kept delaying, so I got upset and asked them not to run it anymore! I sent it to the Jordan Times and they were interested. Here it is for the next week or so, then perhaps I’ll archive it.

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  1. The article on bloggers seems more sophisticated, more news-like than I remember the original. Great work!
    love, Dad T

  2. Great article! Now I am really sorry I missed the meet-up 🙁
    Have you notice an increase in traffic to your site since it ran?
    I didn’t catch on the online version of the JT though. Any reason around that?

  3. The wife is a bit under the weather at the moment, so I’ll fill you in a wee bit on things. Jo had agreed to run this article in their January issue but things were delayed for a number of reasons not worth going into here. Needless-to-say, the piece was getting dated and this upset the wife.
    So she pursued another outlet and the Jordan Times was agreeable. The article was cut down by about 500 words to fit the pages. It was run as a full-page feature in the print version with photos. It ran on March 18-19 but it didn’t get uploaded to the web :-S We worked on that and got it up there. As you may know, things on the JT website only stay for a week. But I’m hoping because of the difficulties that maybe they’ll extend it a bit.
    We haven’t seen a traffic increase as of yet and may not see much of one because this article was never on the main page of the site :-S Hopefully we can rectify that situation. Cross your fingers.
    The wife’s site has seen unprecedented traffic from her coverage of al-Ghad only topped by the Qatar blast stories. Those were picked up by a couple of the biggest blogs in the land, driving huge traffic to the site. Now her story has been picked up by MSNBC. You have to scroll down to the last article in his section, right before he goes into March 18. It’s the blog linked to in the email from “Enigma” that he picked up.
    So things have been exciting and busy around here. But I think she’ll be glad to get back to “normal.” We really want to see the Planet promoted and have some other plans to do that, ones that will hopefully work out better than this did. I hear there are some other articles taking up and off where hers did. I hope those come to fruition to really shine a light on the fantastic work going on in world of Jordanian blogging.

  4. The question right now is what new concoction Rivda will come up with for Natasha’s article…
    By the way where is Rivda?
    Here, kitty, kitty….

  5. Natasha, Hubby!
    You totally upset me. Five hours since I posted a comment. In that time, no one has posted anything else. No comments, no blog updates.
    What the hell am I supposed to do during the night shift?

  6. Nice article.. Keep it up
    Teesh – I got the Livejournal paid account.. will keep you updated on when the site goes live… right now i am in the process of moving all my entries 🙁

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