Napoleon is Dynamite

Mr DynamiteWe decided to conquer our fears of another terrorist attack and head courageously out to the movie theater Thursday, something I’ve noticed is becoming a bit of a fixed day for our cinema outings. The movie of choice was Napoleon Dynamite, which we had heard praised but had never had a chance to see.

I loved it! I loved everything about it. The performance of the kid Napoleon just felt so real. So did that of his brother and of course his friend Pedro! The whole concept of the movie was just unique, extremely funky and very uplifting. I like!

The movie reminded me of Rushmore, which I greatly enjoyed. I guess both Napoleon and the Rushmore kid share this eccentricity that I find very appealing. Anyway, for those that care to listen to my recommendations, I give this one 8/10. Just go for it!

While I’m typing this post, the movie Casablanca is playing on TV. Did I ever mention how much this movie gets on my nerves? Anyway, time to hit the sack. [PS Site is slow today; Typepad (our provider) is having issues.]

14 thoughts on “Napoleon is Dynamite”

  1. My sister’s fiance, Ziad, brought this film from Canada on DVD-and he’s constantly quoting from it. Consequently, my sister Yasmine hates this film. After your recommendation, though, maybe I’ll watch it….

  2. Oooh wow, I loved this movie too! It was so stupidly dumb that it honestly had me laughing my ass off the whole time. The acting is perfect, the plot so unbelieavably pointless that it develops a point, and the directing just stunning.

  3. I agree with roba. I did not like the movie because it was so rediculous, but that’s what made it funny. my brother does THE BEST imitation of Napolean. Its really funny. now you can look forward to Napolean 2 (not sure of the title) but it will be about his brother’s wedding.

  4. SWEET! one of the best indie flicks of 2005. there is a hint of Max (jason schwartzman) from Rushmore (one of my all time favs). But this character is something else. I like the part when hes picking on his brother who wants to be a cage fighter and the door bell rings 😀
    if u liked rushmore, try other anderson-owen films like Bottle Rocket, Royal Tennenbaums and Life Aquatic

  5. Uffft…this movie tili3 min ti*i! The guy who made is from my school. It also opened here in Sundance and everybody was raving about it. I watched and thought it was so much overrated. I mean, it is funny at parts but not hilarious.
    wo bas…
    (I am just pissed off because it is 9:40 pm on Friday and I am still in the lab)

  6. Amal, Too bad you were working on Thursday night. You could have gone with us to the movies.
    Roba, I think you and I have the same taste in movies.
    Linda,can’t wait to watch Napoleon 2.
    Nas, I loved the Royal Tennebaums. I will make sure to check out bottle rocket.
    Iyas, what are you doing until 9:40 at the lab? Finding the cure for cancer?

  7. Oooh hehe perceptive.. I never realized, but now that I mentally go over your movie posts and your comments on my movie posts, you’re right! Yay.

  8. I too think the movie a bit overrated. I believe it’s the sound bites that bring everyone back to watch this movie for a second and third time. Everyone I know have memorized at least one line from the movie and that is where the fun lies. The plot is so very weak, but when you think about it, it is the very weakness of the plot that makes this movie good, however, myself, I would have made the arch of the love stories bind the story together. It could have been pulled off. Anyway, my 2 cents.

  9. It’s the nature of a cult flick like this one, Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums, even back to things like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and so many more to get under your skin like that. These films have a unique, quirky quality that gets your attention. You find yourself both amused and intrigued by such different characters on screen.
    It seems so rare to find a film about what are basically ugly people (i.e. not movie stars) doing basically ordinary things. What’s fun about Napoleon is how there’s no fuss made about it, we just get right into this guy’s life. And for being such a loser, he’s so clueless (he’s got to get some ‘skills’) and so antagonistic. For me, there were two highlights: the brother’s online love arrival and Napoleon’s ‘skit’ to Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat [music].

  10. lloyd you are so right. its the sound bites. that is why when i watched the movie, i kept on leaving the room to do other things.

  11. i just wanna say. with cult flicks like this, if u watched it the first time and “liked” it, try a second time. Before u know it ull be rewinding it for the 6th time really loving it because everytime u pick up a new part that makes u laugh. wes anderson films like the tennenbaums are exactly like that. i have that script memorized.

  12. “Gosh! You guys are ruinning my life!”
    This film gives me hope that one day I may do a film and make it big.
    Very nice success story, budget was $400,000 only. Total gross as of the 6th of february: $44,540,956. Not bad eh….

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