The 2nd Jordan dispatch

For the past five days or so, we have been spending most of our time with la Familia, mostly with my sister and her family as they leaving for a vacation at the end of this week so we might not see them for some long time. However, I managed to scratch few things off my Jordan to-do list, which included eating mansaf (can I really avoid that?), having Rimini pizza, meeting up with friends and cousins and of course playing with my nieces. I still have a plethora of things to do here. I hope that I will make it before we leave.

I have not been really out much so I cannot offer any real punditry on Amman’s changes over the last four months. However, I could not help but notice one major development since my absence: the explosion of private radio stations. So far, I have heard of Mazaj, Beat, Play, Mood and Sawat al-Ghad. They are being advertised everywhere: newspapers, glossy magazines and on bulletin boards. I still can’t believe how many music choices are currently on offer to radio listeners in Jordan. Somehow, this variety feels over the top for such a small country.

Meanwhile, construction is still in full swing. Apartment buildings – many of which are hideous – continue to mushroom all over the place. No one can deny that Amman is expanding at a dizzying pace. But in spite of this sudden renaissance, will this culturally enriched city manage to keep its soul, one to which I’ve grown so attached? I wonder.

10 thoughts on “The 2nd Jordan dispatch”

  1. Bring some “Jameed” Natasha with you. Drop it off on your way to here ” Seattle” . Or, if you land on the east coast, send it UPS. Linda will be happy to pay you for that. Tankit zate zaytoon is also a good gesture!

  2. Yeah you’re right about the explosion of private radio stations… but I think it’s great that there are choices to match every different taste! You no longer have to put up with stuff you don’t really enjoy while driving! Remember the days when all we had was 96.3 FM… and what if you don’t like that DJ’s style? Tough Luck then!!
    I hope you’ll get to enjoy Amman to the MAX 🙂
    By the way, do your parents live in Rabieh?? We might be neighbors 😉

  3. Nati, I have a feeling many people will be waiting for you here on the other side of the world… that would be north America… Maybe we can do a reunion for all the bloggers who live here?

  4. yey Las Vegs! am going there straight after finals, gonna party in a Paris hotel suit, and gonna go see kazem el saher and nancy agram who will also be singing in the Paris hotel, wow wow. Vegas rocks baby!

  5. There is a draft plan to be in Vegas soon, probably around the time you;;d be there Linda….and most probably in the Paris too 😉

  6. oh iyas so u are gonna go see kazem too. man im heading out there with the family on 27 or the 26 i believe of may, right after finals. any one want me to make them some bets>? am good at 21.

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