Jordanian bloggers meet-up

Last night we had our 3rd Jordanian bloggers meet-up and, according to Roba, the meeting was "serious." Well, I guess it was serious in a way, as we are in the process of reshaping and improving the community of Jordanian bloggers featured on Jordan Planet. We discussed various ideas for revamping the planet to make it even more appealing to outside readers. After all, it is a window on our lovely Jordan.

It was fun chatting face-to-face with Isam, Nader, Roba, Ahmad and Ammar. I was also thrilled to meet Lina for the first time since I enjoy reading her blog such a great deal. Unfortunately, I had to leave the gathering early due to some pressing social obligations, but overall I think the meeting was productive. We, as Jordanian bloggers, are on the right path to enhance our community.

Make sure to check Roba’s blog for pictures and her take on the meeting that was held at the Jordan Wild Café in Jabal Amman.

By Natasha Tynes

I’m a Jordanian-American journalist, writer, and media development professional based in Washington, DC.


  1. I enjoy your site and must check out those of your fellow group members. Your site helps me see into your world, without so much of the typical journalistic bias from this or anyside of the oceans. Keep up the good work and blog on.

  2. Thanks Natasha 🙂 it was really great meeting you and the others! It got me even more excited about Jordan Planet and blogging!
    I guess at this very moment you’re on the plane across the ocean… Yalla hope to read your New World adventures pretty soon 🙂

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