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MariaI just realized that I haven’t blogged about movies in along time. The reason for that, of course, is the fact that we have been traveling for over a month now. However, during that period we managed to squeeze in three movies that all proved surprisingly good.

The first was Maria Full of Grace (Maria llena de gracia): We watched this movie in Leicester Square, London while we were visiting my friend Pilar. That night we all left the movie theater deeply touched by this tragic story about drug trafficking in Columbia. The movie is a bit of a downer but sheds some light on the poverty and desperation young women face in Columbia. The acting was superb, especially that of Catalina Sandino Moreno who played Maria so wonderfully — a performance that merited her an Oscar nomination. It was simply a great movie; three thumbs up.

Cinderella Man: Based on the true story of American boxer Jimmy Braddock, this movie is a must-see. It is an inspirational story about overcoming tremendous odds and pursuing one’s passion. Russell Crowe did a magnificent job as usual and played the character so wonderfully. I’m starting to believe that Russell Crowe is one of the greatest actors of our time. Would anyone object?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: It is a fun comedic drama about the married life of two professional assassins. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie offer up two amusing roles that keep you entertained for the duration of the movie. One thing of note: the chemistry between these two actors was very potent. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up together; that’s been her history with on-screen partners. In my humble opinion, Jolie is the most beautiful woman on earth. Ending up with Pitt and eventually having children, these two should produce a fine end product.

Still on the topic of movies, the other day I watched parts of a 1994 movie, Assault at West Point, that my husband took part in as both an extra and production assistant. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to see my husband sitting in a courtroom acting with the legendary Samuel Jackson, as Sam gave another memorable performance.

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  1. “Jolie is the most beautiful woman on earth”! Yamm! Daf3a Wa7deh? She is sexy and all but I won’t go to that extreme. bas 3aleiha joz shalateef…
    Anyway, Maria is a very good movie. I strongly agree and highly recommend it.
    Any other appearances for the husband in movies? Actually 1994 was the year I made an appearance in TV too. We were at the Orthodox club and JTV was wondering around asking people about their predictions for some World Cup match and I happened to be standing behind a friend who was being interviewed. I was hoping an agent would contact me after my terrific performance and presence on the screen, but alas.

  2. I remember when Angelina was in Jordan for the Arab Children’s conference last year… I managed to figure out the session schedule for some of my friends, and they went in a desperate attempt to see her in person, but got kicked out from the Royal Cultural Center by security πŸ˜‰
    and Iyas I thought most guys like big shalateef ;p otherwise someone should drop a hint to Haifa and Nawal and all those others standing in line at the Plastic surgeon’s πŸ™‚
    Ok I’m adding Maria to my ‘to watch’ list!

  3. What’s shalateef?
    as for cinderella man, i wanted to see but watching crowe being carried out of the hotel he was staying out with handcuffs and being arrested just ruined it for me. he allegedly threw a phone at one of the hotel workers. LAME! come on you were just in a boxing movie, why not throw a punch or two πŸ™‚
    I did not see MR. and Mrs. Smith yet and I dont think I will. They really over advertised this movie and i see banners and billboards for it every where i go. i am sick of it. maybe i will see it one day, like five years from now when nobody is talking about. i did the same thing with titanic and ended up appreciating it more. when there is too much hype about a movie, i expect it to be perfect. if its not, i get very dissapointed.

  4. Linda,
    It is unfair to refer to two different things by the same name. That’s why Yasirr Arafaat has shalaateef, and some others have lips.

  5. Shaltoof (n. s.); shalateef (n. pl.): a big lip (Colloquial Leventine). e.g. How did Yasser Arafat survive falling from the tenth floor? He landed on his shalateef.

  6. Hehe, Linda, eish had, you need a translation lesson in every aspect in life. What did your parents teach you?!
    Hareega, great translation…

  7. Laghlough (n. s.), Laghaleegh (n. pl.): (Orig. Unkown; Possible baladi Egyptian; also Leventine; usu. pl.). Double chin. Generally regarded as a sign of wealth and hight social status. e.g. 1. The teacher grabbed the chubby student from his laghaleegh and pinned him to the wall. He then proceeded to squeeze the student’s balls while asking him to whistle at the same time. 2. Abd Al Raou’f does not wear ties because he can not fit them around his laghaleegh.

  8. oh wow! thanks everyone for your help in the translations. i will make sure that when i win and receive my Oscar i will thank you each in my speech!

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