Updating the blog

I guess it is about time to update the blog. There are many things that need modification, including the profile, and most importantly the blog tagline. As one reader said, I no longer live in the Middle East thus the title on top of the page does not fit my current circumstances.

I have a number of ideas for a new tagline. Here they are:

  • Jordanian scribbles in a foreign land
  • Jordanian on the loose
  • Ramblings of a Jordanian mind

Which one is more appealing? If you have any suggestions, they would be highly appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Updating the blog”

  1. That all depends on whom you would like your readers be. If you want it appealing to Jordanians only, or Jordanians who feel they live in a foreign land ( I don’t prefer saying foreign land- blend in/ its your land now.) How about other readers, are they welcomed? Anyways, updating is a step in the right direction. Any of the three above look fine to me.

  2. “Jordanian on the loose” is the best of the three. Perhaps you should call your blog “The Wandering Aramian” just as Abraham called himself.

  3. I like the first one. Jordanian on the loose reminds me of some roaming Jihadi 🙂 Or the third one is nice, even though ramblings is used a lot….But I like that these two make a point that you are a JORDANIAN….Wli, if you say another thing about changing your accent, ‘bit shufi shu be seer’!!

  4. Thank you guys for the feedback. It seems that “Jordanian on the loose” is the most popular one. Amal,lol, loved your “roaming Jihadi” comment:-)

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